The Member of Parliament for Akan Constituency in the Oti Region, Hon Yao Gomadon has commissioned two water systems in two separate communities as part of his Water for Life Projects to reduce access to clean drinking water problems in the constituency.

The MP water project which has seen about 37 water systems of both handheld and mechanised boreholes would put to rest the over decade water problem in the constituency.

The latest communities that benefited from the MP Water for Life Project includes Dodo-Akum and Dzamelome communities.

At the commissioning of one of the water systems at Dzamelome Community within the Akan Constituency with Kadjebi as its District capital, applause and thrill hailed the flow of water from the pipes as the MP   turned the taps on to commission the project that would serve the entire Community.


In an interview with EXPTRESSNEWSGHANA, after commissioning the Dzamelome Community water system, Hon Gomado said water is life. He would do everything humanely possible to ensure every community, irrespective of their distance to get potable drinking water.

According to him, he started the project in 2019 during the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary primaries and has since then been able to provide over 36 boreholes to communities that had had water problems.

Before the projects, he said residents treks several kilometres to access water in both rivers and streams to access water for drinking and other domestic uses.

The projects he noted have been supported by Saudi-Arabia-based Non-Governmental Organisation, Ahmed Foundation, to provide water in the communities, stressing that the aim is to improve living conditions and good health.

The MP who is a member of the Judicial and Environment, Science and Technology Committees of Parliament assured the constituents, he would continue to use the available resources for the benefit of the people and improve their living conditions.

He said providing the people with their basic needs are his utmost priority and gave thanks to God Almighty for the wisdom and understanding and the ability to improve the conditions of the people.

“Water is life,” the MP said, and assured the people of Akan for the necessary intervention in areas hit by the lack of water so that they could enjoy life better,” Hon Gomado said.

Hon Gomado thanked the people for their support for voting for him and the NDC in the 202 general elections though the party did not form a government and assured that he would work hard to justify the confidence reposed in him.

He assured the people of more improvement in the water supply system in the Constituency and observed that some projects in the health and water sector would also be tackled to provide good healthcare and easy transportation of goods and services.

Some of the residents expressed their gratitude to the MP for his intervention to provide them water after years of appeal to the government and other stakeholders failed.

They further assured the MP of their support to succeed as their representation in parliament so he could bring more development to their communities and the constituency as a whole.



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