The Member of Parliament for Adentan, Hon Mohammed Adamu Ramadan on Friday, November 5, 2021, presented pictorial evidence on the floor of parliament to back the bad nature of roads in his constituency.

He questioned the government commitment to the people of Ghana, especially the residents of Adentan over its slogan “Year of Roads” as school children risk trekking in opened drains to and from school in the Sraha and Ogbojo areas.

Hon Ramadan made the accusation when he posed two questions to the Minister for Roads and Highways on the floor of parliament over some bad roads in the constituency.

“Mr Speaker, I rise to ask the Minister for Roads and Highways when work will continue on the ARS Roundabout to Dzen Ayor dual carriage road since the contractor has abandoned sit?” the MP quizzed.

Further,  Hon Ramadan to know from the Minister for Roads and Highways what urgent steps the Government is taking to construct the bridge connecting Ogbojo and Sraha ADMA Basic School area since the rainy season is imminent and school children use it too.

In response, the Minister for Roads and Highways, Hon Kwesi Amoako-Atta, said the 3km roads from ARS Roundabout to Dzen Ayor dual-carriage is being undertaken by the Department of Urban Roads (DUR) under the Contract titled “Rehabilitation of Boundary Road Phase 2 (3km)”.

According to the Minister, the Contract commenced on 14th November 2014 for completion on 14th November 2016, but a Variation Order was issued on 3rd September 2018 to cover the cost of extra filling and realignment of drains.

The progress of works, he said is at 43 per cent physical complete but the “Contractor is currently not on site due to delay of payment for work done.”

Hon Amoako-Atta further told parliament efforts are being made to get the Contractor back on site to complete all the outstanding works by end of year failure of which will lead to the initiation of necessary steps to terminate the Contract and re-awarded.


Answering the question on the Sraha to Ogbojo drain, the Minister explained that, the Department of Urban Roads is undertaking engineering design studies to determine an appropriate hydraulic structure for the location that will allow connection from Sraha AdMA School to Ogbojo.

The Department, he added, is packaging the construction of a double-cell 4m x 4m reinforced concrete box-culvert in collaboration with the Adentan Municipal Roads Department to connect the communities on the Abubakar Sidiq Road to the Ogbojo Road.

The project, he said would be considered under the 2022 annual budget and MP and the people of Adentan that the Akufo Addo government is committed to the development of the country and delivered.

But Hon Ramadan told members of the Parliamentary Press Corps the government is paying lip services, for it kept on singing the year of roads without commitment for the past two years.

He was not satisfied with the answer the Minister of Roads gave on the state of those projects and asked where the supposed roads were.

The MP who displayed pictorial evidence on the floor to support his concerns urged the government to pay the contractors to complete the projects and stop threatening to terminate their contracts.


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