The police administration has interdicted Inspector Daniel Agbavor, the police guard to the Member of Parliament (MP) for Madina, Hon Francis Xavier Sosu.

Inspector Agbavor is interdicted for allegedly resisting police arrest of the Hon Sosu, during a demonstration at Ayi-Mensah on October 25, by residents over bad roads.

Sourced closed to the Madina lawmaker indicates that the police refused to hand over a hard copy of the said letter of Interdiction to Mr Agbavor and only read it to him.

The police have since also taken possession of Inspector Agbavor’s Uniform, the police authority badge and insignia, the Identity Card known as POLICE ID card and other property of the police services.

When EXPRESSNEWSGHANA contacted Inspector Agbavor via phone, he confirmed a letter has been read to him indicating he has been interdicted pending investigation.


He declined further comments only to add that, “everything I have to identify me as a police officer has been taken from me by the police.”

The interdiction of the police officer came as surprise to many people who were at the demonstration scene.

They wondered how a lone police Inspector could have overpowered and resisted the arrest of the MP by the over 200 police officers led by the Accra regional police Operation Commander, ACP Isaac Kojo Asante.

The interdiction take effect from today, 31st October 2021.



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