The Member of Parliament for Sissala West Constituency, Hon Mohammed Adam Sukparu has told Ghana’s Vice President Dr Mohamudu Bawumia to forget about doing any political damage control of his credibility, noting that his tenure as head of the economic management was already a failure.

The MP was reacting to the Vice President recent statement on the government Digitization agenda during a lecture at the Ashiahi University, last week.

He noted that the Vice president’s  phobia for failure as an ‘economic messiah and now resort to digitization was tantamount to “medicine after death.”

He added that, as long as the Vice President is a product of the corrupt, inept, directionless and anti-development New Patriotic Party (NPP) government, he would leave office in 2024 as failed Vice President and economic management team leader.

Hon Sukparu quizzed why Dr Bawumia had relegated his economic credentials to the background and rather directed his energy on digitization, which he says doesn’t put money in the pocket of the ordinary Ghanaian.

In his considered view, the Vice President has created an economic mess for which reason he wanted to find an easy route out by spearheading a digital agenda.


Mr Sukparu further asserted that the Vice President shift from economic messiah to digital expert is veiled admission of failure, adding that, Dr Bawumia is suffering from a credibility crisis considering the fact that he is unable to proffer a solution to turn around the economic fortunes of the nation.

“This particular lecture is something that I cannot make a head or tail out of it. Dr Bawumia is struggling to redeem his credibility, he is suffering from credibility crisis,” he stressed.

According to the Sissala West lawmaker, Vice President Bawumia and his Boss, President Akufo Addo have failed in their promises of security, anti-corruption and robust economic development, nothing, “when they were in opposition, they say they will not borrow but today, they have borrowed more than any government since independence.”

“What explanation can President Akufo Addo-Bawumia administration offer for failing to decisively tackle the sinking economy, insecurity, increasing youth unemployment in the country, despite the huge resources at their disposal? Hon Sukparu queried.

The NDC MP expressed shock that President Akufo Addo and his Vice, Dr Bawumia sleep at night when they know that due to their incompetence and massive failures to address bread and butter issues, many Ghanaians including children are unable to afford a three squire meal a day.

He noted that the NPP and Dr Bawumia has only succeeded in ruining the once robust economy handed over to them by the NDC administration in 2016 and turned Ghana into the poverty capital of the world.



Again, Hon Sukparu said President Akufo Addo led administration had only succeeded in mortgaging the future of the nation with accumulated GHS360 billion debt with nothing to show and no clear repayment plan.

 He added that, rather than fighting corruption, Akufo Addo Bawumia led government has become the citadel of corruption where millions of dollars from the oil proceed reportedly gone missing or could not be readily accounted for under the cover of good governance and transparency.


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