The airport police have two police stations. The Divisional and the District Police stations.

These police stations are located in a prime enclave of the city, now christened Airport City. Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, European Union Visa Centre, international airport and other first class hotels, residential facilities, state enterprises. Supermarkets including Customs Bond Housing or offices are all ‘tenants” within the enclave of Airport City.

Very close to the two police stations are illegal money changers. They do illegal business in the presence of the police on a daily basis.

It is very ironic that these people are not arrested, charged, prosecuted and even convicted to serve as a deterrence to all.

I am not exaggerating, almost every Ghanaian who plies on Madina – Accra or Accra- Madina main road sees them on daily basis doing this sordid and illegal business occupying our bus stops. They have actually taken over the bus stops at the airport – Madina side for their unlawful businesses. Ghanaians don’t bother. Sad!

The ‘Dampares’ (Police) and their counterparts from the Customs and the National security are aware of their presence and no action has been taken against them for a very long time.

Yours truly once feigned an interest to do business with them by trying to ‘change ‘ some few dollars. In a brief chat with two of them who approached me to do business identified themselves as Malians and Nigeriens.

I wasn’t surprised as their accents revealed them.

This should not be entertained. It is wrong and illegal. It is not part of the ECOWAS PROTOCOL AGREEMENTS for our brethren from nearby countries to engage in unlawful businesses in the sights of all including our law enforcement agencies like the police.

There are processes for all persons from any part of the world whose countries have agreements with Ghana either on bilateral or multilateral relations or basis to do legitimate and lawful business in our dearest country.

I call on the current ‘wizkid’on the block, the Inspector General of Police, Dr George Akuffo Dampare to compel his stewards to halt this act by the ‘squatters with alacrity and also fish the rest who are doing (same) illegal businesses in the other parts of the city and country.

The nation has all the attributes of an investment hub or destination, but that should happen within the remit of our laws and other international agreements.

Black marketing is alien to our investment laws.

The time to halt this illegal business is now.

As the police bite very hard on our citizens who breach the laws, including the perceived untouchables, foreigners who do the same should not be spared.

Ghana, still my happy home.

Ahmed Osumanu Halid Imam Gorogorowei

Nima 441

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