His excellency, John Dramani Mahama, once again was at his best delivery, as he presented his message of hope for the people of Ghana, and also to thank them, an event that happened at Kempinski hotel to officially draw down the curtain on the thank you tour. #thankGhana

The tour was planned to thank the good people of Ghana regionally, through it’s local media houses, religious and traditional leaders, not forgetting the rank and file of the party.

The tour was scheduled in four phases, the Northern, Middle, Southern and Greater Accra for a special concluding phase.

Bolgatanta in the Upper East Region was the first region to set the ball rolling. The reception was massive and the streets like all the other 15 regions was full to welcome the flagbearer and the 2020 campaign team.

Many issues were addressed, key amongst them were the abandoned projects, elections related matters, state of the economy, corruption, re-organisation of the party, and others.

The most significant sections for me, were when the chiefs and clergy shared with the campaign team their frustration on how the elections went and its effect on the image of Ghana. They spoke on hardships never seen before, and the direction the nation is going.

Listening to this from a non political groups, it brought to the fore and my understanding of a quote from Hon A.B.A Fuseini ” a man who has died in the market place, needs no announcement” .

Kind words and appreciation poured from the clergy and chiefs to thank H.E John Mahama for keeping the peace of the nation, and for his honesty to help support this ailing and failing economy.

They wished him well in his future endeavours with many calling upon him not to abandon his dreams because posterity has judged him right, and it has happened so fast.

Kempinski yesterday offered the NDC the opportunity to reach the entire nation and to thank them for their support and also to say emphatically that the NDC will bounce back bigger and better come 2024. That journey, starts now!!!

Though the curtains are drawn officially on the campaign 2020 and the thank you tour, there still remain groups and individuals that will continously be reached for their immense contributions in the last elections. Thank you never ends.

May I take this opportunity to also wish the family of our founder His excellency Jerry John Rawlings our condolence as tomorrow marks exactly one year of his demise. We miss him, and his absence was really felt yesterday.

As many as can, should make time for the activities earmarked tomorrow to commemorate the one year of his demise.

The church service starts at 9am at the holy spirit Cathedral and the commemorative speeches will be at 1pm at the party’s headquarters.

The NDC is just on its way back!!!
The light is so bright at the end of the tunnel and I see better days ahead, let that light also shine in your corner, and we will together make it happen !!!

Kun fa Yakun

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