The second Deputy Minority Whip, Hon Comfort Doyoe Cudjoe has asked parliament to throw away the 2022 Budget Statement and Economic Policy into the dustbin, for it lacks a tangible solution to Ghanaians developmental problems.

According to her, the budget failed to address the yawning challenges that the people face but rather sought to impose more hardship.

Hon Comfort Doyoe who is the Member of Parliament for Ada in the Greater Accra Region, made the comments on the floor of parliament when she took her turn in contributing to the debate on the 2022 Budge.

The 2022 Budget Statement was presented to parliament by the Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori Atta, on Wednesday, November 2021.

She argued that, instead of the government providing solutions to the problems affecting the ordinary citizen, the government rather sought to harvest the little resources from the poor with taxes.

The Deputy Minority Whip questioned the Akufo Addo government priority to the poor, especially the street dwellers and the Kayayes that continue to live in abject poverty.

She said despite the economic hardship that the Akufo Addo government imposed on Ghanaians due to the bad policies, it still have the nerves to be introducing new taxes like the Electronic Transaction Levy known as MoMo tax and called on Ghanaians to join hands with the Minority to disapprove of the budget.

She noted that the Minority will reject the MoMo tax as it sought to increase poverty among Ghanaian, especially the persons who do not earn any income.

“Mr Speaker, I am pleading for every Ghanaian to support the Minority, the poor in society, the kayaye, the taxi drivers and everybody to support the Minority so that we throw this budget away.”

“We on this side will not approve the MoMo tax, you are taxing everything, the poor man, the sick, the aged. I for instance, when I take my salary, I send some to my old mother who is sick for some years now. If I send her GHS 300 to buy medicine and you are taxing her. you send some to a child in school and you are taxing the child too, this is very bad, we will not support and I ask everybody, every Ghanaian to support the Minority to throw this budget into the dustbin,” said Hon Doyoe.

In the budget statement, the Minister for Finance claimed the government fed 3,448,065 pupils in 10,832 public basic schools with one hot nutritious meal every school-going day in 2021 under the Ghana School Feeding Programme.

The Minister further claimed, this number would be increased to four (4) million pupils in the coming year as it has provided employment for over 32,496 caterers and created a ready market for local farmers.

Ken Ofori Atta further revealed the Akufo Addo government has expanded the School Feeding from 1.6 million children to 2.1 million children, and also increased the amount spent on each child by 25 per cent.


But again, Hon Comfort Doyoe who is a member of the Gender and Children Committee of Parliament debunked the claims by the government, stressing that, the figures were inaccurate as many caterers have complained of nonpayment of their funds used in feeding the school children.

In her view the situation underground is quite different from the picture the government through the budget sought to pain and that, the budget was a complete deceptive one meant to deceive Ghanaians.

She urged Ghanaians to join hands with the Minority to rescue the country as the government has no concrete solution to the economic hardship.



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