The late Paramount Chief of the Agotime Traditional Area in the Volta Region, Nene Nuer Keteku III, better known as the ‘Konor’, who turned the Agotime area into a developed state was buried Saturday, November 20, 2021.

Nene Keteku III died at the age of 76, after reiging for 51 years as the Konor of Agotime.

Under the Leadership of Nene Keteku III, Agotime with Kpetoe as the capital became one of the developed communities and the best Kente cloth hub of the Africa sub-region.

The final funeral ceremony commenced on Friday, November 12, and spanned for 10 days with the burial service on Saturday, November 20 at the Evangelical Presbyterian (EP) Park, Kpetoe.


A grand durbar of Chiefs, Queens Mothers and citizens of the traditional area were cladded with traditional red attire with a rich culture display by the People of Agotime, both Ghana and Togo.

In a tribute, Nene Nuer Keteku IV, the new ‘Konor’ of Agotime Traditional Area, described the late Traditional King as a man of many parts where he exuded discipline when it mattered and interspersed that with humour.

“He told stories of his experiences to serve as guiding principles to the youth anytime he had the chance to be with the youth. He was culturally immersed so much such that he became the repository of knowledge on Agotime culture and tradition, and all the elements in him well blended as a good man,” he said.

The children in a tribute also described their father as a man of exact repository of goodness.

Chiefs at burial services of Konor

“He was a man with speech shrouded in noticeable decorum and communicated simply and effectively. His admirable sense of humour was a soothing relief to the weary. Our father liked reading novels especially in spheres of politics, detective, legal and culture, and always loved to share the content with us.”

Osie Adzatekpor VII, Paramount Chief of Avatime Traditional Area who led a delegation from the Volta Region House of Chiefs, eulogised the late ‘Konor’ of Agotime as an active member of the House, who contributed to the growth of the Chieftaincy institution in the country.

Tributes from chiefs and queen mothers of Agotime and parts of Togo, grandchildren, in-laws Eastern Region House of Chiefs, religious bodies, political groups, and friends from the diaspora were read.

In a sermon, the Moderator of the Global Evangelical Church, Rev. Dr Setorwu Ofori, stated that God had blessed humanity with the rich culture of chiefs.

Citing the Book of Ezra to buttress his sermon, the man of God said, “In the history of Churches, chiefs have key roles,” he said.

He implored the people of Agotime, especially those who are Christians, to acknowledge the role of chiefs in all actions, emphasizing,  “Kings in the Bible lived an exemplary life and they were commended.”


Traditional Drumming from the warriors and display of Borborbor dance, blended with Agbadza characterised the final funeral rites.

Life of Late Nene Keteku III

Known in private life as Senyo Kofi Akuffo, the late Nene Nuer Keteku Ill was born on Friday, June 30, 1944 at Kpetoe Agotime to the late Mr Akpani Akuffo and Madam Adzo Adzorgenu.

He gained admission into the Roman Catholic Mission School in 1954 at Kpetoe, where he completed his seventh standard education before proceeding to the Jasikan Training College in 1965 as a trained teacher.

In his final year in Jasikan Training College, the lot fell on him to ascend the great Ntsrifua Stool of Agotime as the Konor (paramount chief) of the 37 towns and villages of Agotime where he was enstooled as Nene Neur Keteku III of Agotime Traditional Area on October 24, 1969.

The late ‘konor’ was instrumental in the fight for the location of a District capital of the then Adaklu -Anyigbe District, which is now Agotime-Ziope District.

He was also instrumental in the establishment of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA training school in Kpetoe and the Agotime Senior High School were among many achievements under his watch as a traditional ruler.

Although he occupied the great Ntsrifua stool, which is noted for its mystical powers and complex web of tradition and culture surrounding the stool, he was a staunch member of the Global Evangelical Church and adhered to the ethics and principles of the Church.

In 2019, the late ‘Konor’ complained of illness associated with ageing and became a regular visitor to the Volta Regional Hospital, where he finally gave up his ghost on June 4, 2020.

The late Nene Nuer Keteku III left behind six children and many grandchildren.


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