Naab Akanfella Akanjainya, the Chief of Kanjarga Traditional Area in the Builsa South District of the Upper East Region, has called on the youth of the area both home and abroad to abstain from excessive alcohol consumption and hard drugs abuse.

According to him, excessive alcohol intake and drug abuse do not only wither their health but as well affect their sense of development focus to the Kanjarga land.

Naab Akanjainya made the call when he addressed the youth of the area during the Launching of the Accra chapter of the Kanjarga Youth Association, on Sunday, November 28, 2021.

“My advice to you is that you should avoid alcohol and hard drugs because our forefathers could not achieve much due to alcohol and we should not follow their footsteps, the Chief advised the youth.

Despite a minimum legal drinking age of 18, many young Ghanaians in the country, especially the Kanjarga area both home and outside consume alcohol.

Some abuse alcohol by drinking frequently or by binge drinking–often defined as having five or more drinks in a row.

Naab Akanjainya

 This, Naab Akanjainya cautioned the youth to avoid excessive drinking and drink responsibly, while having in mind that they have left families at home that need their support.

The Chief who sound very passionate about the developmental needs of the area further urged you to try to go back and put up the building as part of the development of the area, emphasizing that, though they are in the cities enjoying life, they should remember when they finally died their bodies would be returning home.

 The Member of Parliament for Builsa South, Dr Clement Apaak advised the youth to take their education seriously as they sojourned in the cities, saying,” without education, they would not get meaningful employment to contribute to the development of the Kanjarga land

He said, as MP he has done a lot by way of providing the needed and necessary infrastructure but admitted much needed to be done and urged the youth, especially those gainfully employed to go back home and contribute to the development of the area.

Nevertheless, the MP commended the youth for coming together to form an association, noting that, is the right step of propelling development as the association if properly coordinated would help harness financial resources and remit same to the villages for development.

Again, Dr Apaak urged the youth to remain united to be able to achieve the objectives they set for the association, stressing that without unity the effort would be of no use as they could not achieve massively at the individual level.

Mr John Apaabey, the Presiding Member for Builsa South Assembly applauded the youth for the foresight to form an association in Accra, where most of the youth from the District travelled to down south to look for meaningful jobs opportunities.

He said the assembly is doing its best at home to harness the available resources for the benefit of the people but reminded the youth to return home occasionally to contribute to the development of the area.

President of the Accra Chapter of the Kanjarga Youth Association, Simon Akumkperik said the association objective is to bring the youth of Kanjarga under one umbrella for development.

According to him, education and careers and guidance counselling are their targets as some of the youth abandoned education while searching for nonexistence jobs.

He added that the association also aimed at mobilizing resources to return home to contribute to the developmental needs of the communities, especially education and health.

Some other personalities who took turns to address the youth were Rev Stephen Azundem and Dr George Aguilijam.

They urged the youth to pursue education for it is the only means by which they could have meaningful employment to contribute to the development of Kanjarga.


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