Three members of the Distinguish Scholars of Africa (DISTINSA) have received prestigious Professorship awards for their respective extraordinary roles in promoting law, science, education, economics and philosophy on the continent.

The three Professors that received the award at a colourful and impressive ceremony in Accra on Thursday, December 9, 2021, were Professor Martin Gyambrah; Professor Nicholas Nicodemus Nana Nsowah-Nuamah; and Dr. Lawyer Nana Oppong.

The Distinguish Scholars of Africa is a nonprofit super-elite organization of the best Africa intellectual and cultural leadership.

It aimed at capacity building of the private sector and the state for socio-economic growth of the Africa continent.

The Extra Ordinary Wisdom Forum 2021, for the award ceremony, was held under the theme: “Learned Leadership for Democracy and Development in Africa.

Dr Nana Oppong, President of the Distinguished Scholars of Africa who have been forefront advocating for the need for state actors to use wisdom to harness the national resources for development, received an Honorary Distinguished Professorship and Fellow of Law and Sciences.


 “In recognition of your Extraordinary Contributions to Knowledge in the Fields of Physics, Biology, Law, Economics, Education and Philosophy, the Distinguished Scholars of Africa Honor or Award you the Title of Distinguished Professor and Fellow of Law and Sciences,” the Citation accompanying his award read.

The extraordinary honour on Dr Nana Oppong by DistinSA is for being “Distinguished Professor and Fellow of Law and of the Sciences,” sometime in October 2020.

Portions of the profile of Dr. Oppong described him as the father of Microbitic Physics; father of the theory of the Quantum Lights and the General Rate of Presence (GRP); and the Founder and Editor of the Journal of Rational Science; as well as the founder of “The Collaborative Theory for Human Evolution”.

Nana has authored over 40 books in topics such as sociology, politics, law, economics, algorithms and technology among others, including the theory on the “evolution of incompetence”; The Alchemy of Human Evolution; Acquired Incompetency Syndrome; Nonsense Consensus; Beautiful Nonsense; The Illuminati and the Intelligenti; The Joy of Corruption; Nichemathics; and The illegal, just to mention a few.

Similarly, Professor Nicholas Nicodemus Nana Nsowah-Nuamah, was honored as a Distinguish Fellow for his astonishing achievements as an excellent academician.

Prof Nuamah is a Professor of Statistics and has headed several state institutions including the Kumasi Technical University, Regent University College of Science and Technology and other Higher Education Institutions in the country.

Currently, he is the President of Dominion University College (DUC), a private University established by Action Chapel International, a Charismatic Church headed by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams.

Prof N.N.N Nuamah is also the immediate former Vice President of the Association of African Universities (AAU) responsible for West Africa (2017 – 2021) and has also been Chairman of the Council of Independent Universities, an umbrella organization of private Universities in Ghana.

On his part, Professor Martin Gyambrah, who receive the Distinguish Fellowship award alongside Dr Nana Oppong and Prof Nuamah, is a senior Educational Manager, Strategy Consultant and Entrepreneur with wide experience in institutional development, Leadership and administration in international contexts (Legal Frameworks, Systems, Quality Assurance, Project Coordination, Financial Administration, Partnerships Development and Investor Management.

As a German trained academic and corporate manager, Prof Gyambrah is the Founding Head of the University of Applied Management – Ghana, visiting Professor, University Institute Schaffhausen, Switzerland and Triagon Academy, Malta.

He holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) focused on the policy, strategic and Organizational Applications of Technologies in Business and Education and Masters in Studies of Excellence in Business. All from the University of Munich, Germany.

Furthermore, Prof Gyambrah also holds a Postgraduate qualification in International Communication and Cooperation from the Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany; a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree from the University of Ghana and other certifications in Business Management.

The Distinguish professors in their respective speeches after receiving the awards commended the organisers for recognizing their effort and honouring them.


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