The Ghana Geological Survey Authority was instrumental in the finding of massive iron ore resources in the OTI REGION. The iron ore is of a higher grade, with a weight percentage of 55.22 percent (fe). This was revealed during a visit to the region by Hon. Abu Jinabor, Minister of Land and Natural Resources, when he met with the chiefs and people of AKOKROWA, the community where the iron ore was discovered.

Why do I feel excited as a young man born in that place when I hear the news? Because I feel it will benefit all of the people in the OTI REGION.

I believe the Hon. Minister’s visit to the region was motivated by the discovery of iron ore. Mr. Minister, you should not consider the securitization of these resources inside the area with humility.

The people of OTI REGION would vehemently oppose any attempt by this government to securitize these resources.

Mr. Minister, we eagerly await your explanation of how the government intends to use these resources to assist the nation and, in particular, the people of the OTI REGION.


I also want to urge on the paramount chiefs, the Regional Minister, and the people of OTI REGION to band together and demand economic rewards when resource utilization begins.


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