–as he marks one year in Parliament

In remembrance of his election victory on December 7, 2020, the Member of Parliament for Prestea-Huni-Valley, Hon Robert Wisdom Cudjoe, has assured his constituents he would work hard to justify the confidence reposed in him during the 2020 election.

According to him, though he knew he was going to win the December 7, elections, it took collaborative teamwork and sacrifices of his campaign members to ensure the resounding victory.

Hon Robert Cudjoe was speaking in an Interview with EXPRESSNEWSGHANA, in Parliament to mark the one year of his election victory and subsequent swearing in parliament on January 7, 2021.

At the closed of the polls on December 7, Hon Robert Cudjoe secured 56,464, out of total votes cast representing 57.79 per cent against his closed competitor, Barbara Oteng-Gyasi, the then Minister for Tourism and Creative Arts, who managed to obtained 39,067 votes representing 39.98 per cent of total votes cast.


 In 2016, Hon Cudjoe contested but lost to Barbara due to internal rankling issues in the National Democratic Congress (NDC), even though he was the incumbent District Chief Executives but those issues have been ironed out and the party in the 2020 election went with a united and formidable team and successfully won the election.

While recounting the political impediment and schemes against him becoming victorious before and during the election, Hon Cudjoe said hard work by his campaign team paved the way and he would forever owe them gratitude for their sacrificial job done.

“Even though I knew I was going to win the election, so many underground schemes by persons who think I don’t deserve to be MP or should not be the person to represent the good people of Jirapa tried their best to frustrate my campaign but their plans and schemes could work against me. I was on the ground and my team members stood on their feet to ensure the right things were done.”

“So as an experienced grassroots politician, I did not sleep on my job though I was the candidate. I took part in every ground work and before even the Electoral Commission (EC) collate the results, I and my team already knew we won the election, I was leading with over 17,000  per the results at our hands. Our figures were correct and we knew I won the election cleanly,” Hon Cudjoe who sounded very confident added.

Nonetheless, he said he remained grateful to the people of Prestea –Huni-Valley Constituency for the opportunity to serve them by voting massively for him on the December 7, 2020, elections.

According to him, the constituency would be well represented in parliament to bring the needed development, noting that, though the expectations are high base on his good track record as a former District Chief Executive (DCE)  between 2013-2016,  he promised to work hard as the constituency is still engulfed with deprivation and abject poverty.

He said despite the overwhelming economic hardship imposed on Ghanaians by the current New Patriotic Party (NPP) government, he would work hard to honour his campaign promises to justify the confidence response in him.

Mr. Cudjoe said education, health, roads and sustainable jobs for the youth would be his priority, rural electrification, among other issues, are his major concern of the people, stressing that most of the roads often become inaccessible during the rainy seasons.

He reaffirms his commitment to ensuring that the development needs of the people are met.

Currently, in parliament, Hon Robert Cudjoe is a member of Employment, Social Welfare and State Enterprises and the Privileges Committees of Parliament.

He said his focus is to also work hard to secure presidential victory for his party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to complement his victory for the development of the constituency and Ghana as a whole.

“What I am much concerned about now is to work hard to secure victory for JM ( John Mahama) for the Presidency so that we reposition this country to its economic transformation. Ghana is sinking down because of bad governance by the Akufo Addo government,” he stated.

Mr Cudjoe however expressed gratitude to the Regional, constituency and branch executives as well as all supporters of NDC for their unflinching support to the victory in 2022 and assured them he would not disappoint them in parliament.

 Source: expressnewsghana.com

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