As part of an effort to improve healthcare delivery in his Constituency, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Sissala West, Hon Mohammed Adams Sukparu has equipped the Gwollu District Hospital blood bank with a refrigerator to be used for the preservation of blood.

The donation followed an appeal made by the management of the hospital to the lawmaker over a problem they have been facing for a while.

Moved by the situation and commitment to the health needs of his constituents, committed to helping his constituents, Hon Sukparu procured the blood bank refrigerator and other equipment to support the Hospital to deliver quality healthcare to save many lives.

“The Gwollu District Hospital reached out to me with concerns about their inability to preserve blood due to limited blood bank refrigerators available to them. I’m glad to announce that I have fixed that problem,” the Sissala MP has confirmed.

Besides the blood refrigerator, Hon Sukparu also donated wheelchairs, test tubes and other laboratory equipment which were highly needed in the hospital.

The donation, according to him is part of his ambition to make the Sissala West Constituency better for everyone.

The MP however assured that he will continue to work to make provisions for all the things needed to improve the lives of his constituents.


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