The Anwiaso Bukaso based mine of Adamus Mining resources has been closed down at the insistence of the chiefs and people of the area,

Following the lynching of 27-year-old Michael Dery, alias Budo, by security personnel of the company.

It would be recalled that Budo, an illegal miner, had been arrested by the security personnel, beaten up and then set ablaze. He would later succumb to the severe burn wounds at the Korle-Bu Teaching hospital and later died.

Following that mob justice, there has been agitation by the people of the area, including their MP, Kofi Armah Buah, for justice.

The Police have since arrested five suspects however, not even those arrests would assuage the anger of the people who demanded a closedown of the mine owned by the so-called iron lady, Angela List.

Madam List has a bloody reputation that the lynching of Budo has only enhanced.

Her alleged superintendence of similar bloody tactics in Sierra Leone is said to have led to t\he withdrawal of a mining license by the Sierra Leonean government.

Adamus mining resources was originally owned by BCM, a mining conglomerate owned by Australian Ghanaian, Paul Edward List, the then-husband of madam List.

Angela List would later divorce her husband for a number of reasons, including her alleged affairs with some known political personalities in Ghana and Liberia and her general disrespect for human life while heading some of BCM’s operations.

As part of the messy divorce, she is said to have commandeered several assets of BCM’s including Adamus mining resources, using her connections in the Akufo-Addo government to bully and intimidate her husband.

Angela List

She was therefore fully in charge of Adamus when the company’s security personnel arrested Budo and set him ablaze.

Insiders have told WhatsUp News that the murderous security officers of the mine had only been carrying out orders from Angela List.

Meanwhile, in addition to the Adamus mine, she is said to have seized other priced properties of her former husband and his conglomeration, BCM, including a company jet.

Madam Angela List is also said to have been acquiring a lot of properties including the Lou Moon, an eco-tourism beach resort located at Axim in the Western Region.


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