A mining truckload of explosives ammunition belonging to Chirano Gold Mine Limited detonated at the village of Appiate near Bogoso in the Western Region, wiping out the entire Apiate Community as hundreds of residents were killed and several others badly injured.

The accident that happened on Thursday, January 20, 2022, resulted in human body parts scattered all over the small village which had been completely leveled by the powerful explosive.

According to reports, the truck collided with a motorbike resulting in a huge explosion.

The bike reportedly lost control and slid under the truck sparking a fire in the process. The fire quickly caught on the explosives and set them off, causing the truck to explode.

It is unlikely that the driver of the truck or the bike rider survived the huge explosion that created a massive crater in the middle of the town.

Gut-wrenching video footage of the bloody aftermath of the explosion captures severed limbs, arms and heads among other human body parts scattered on the street in the spectacle of blood and gore.

It is believed that only a few children in the town who had gone to school at the time of the incident survived and may have been rendered orphans by the carnage.

A statement released swiftly by Chirano Mine claim the ill-fated truck was under the supervision of a mining services contractor called Maxam.

“A truck under the supervision of, and belonging to mining services contractor MAXAM, was involved in a collision causing an explosion near the town of Bogoso. The vehicle was headed to Chirano and approximately 14o kilometres away from the site during the incident. We are closely monitoring the situation and the rescue effort,” read the statement from Chirano Mine signed by Kwabena Owusu-Ampratwu, the Communications Officer of the company.

Meanwhile, a combined team of personnel from the Ghana National Fire Service and the ambulance service reportedly collected the body parts shortly after the explosion.

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