Bright Simons, an honourary Vice President of IMANI Africa, is wondering whether or not Daniel McKorley’s McDan private jet terminal at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) is a “bold business” by the businessman or a “state capture”.

Simons was reacting to a letter by the Ghana Airport Company Limited (GACL), in which the company is accusing the businessman of inaugurating his private terminal at KIA without following their orders of postponement.

He tweeted: “This is a very interesting letter. All along, I thought McDan was a concessionaire leasing & operating a private jet terminal from GACL.

“Turns out they are actually a competitor to GACL, which had its own charter jet plans. I am of 2 minds: bold business or state capture?” Bright Simons quizzed.

The Ghana Airport Company Limited in a letter signed by the managing director of GACL, Yaw Kwakwa, noted that the inauguration of McDan private jet terminal had to be postponed because the arrangements made for the inauguration had not been approved by GACL adding that the event posed some safety and security concerns.

The airport company said it made efforts to meet McDan Aviation to have a discussion on the matters regarding the opening of the private terminal but no official from McDan turned up for the proposed meeting.

“Indeed, all attempts to meet with you for discussions in connection with the proposed inauguration over the past three days failed as a result of your failure to turn up for the planned meetings,” the GACL said.

“One major example relates to your commencement of construction of the private jet terminal without a Plan of Construction Operation (PCO) approval from GACL. We only became aware of your construction activities during routine security patrols, and we had to ask you to stop and submit a PCO for review and approval before construction continued,” the company added.

The GACL stressed, McDan Aviation through its actions have disregarded the norms of doing business in the aviation sector which requires strict adherence to safety and security concerns.

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