A political Science Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Gyampo has admonished the governing New Patriotic Party to immediately overhaul its Majority leadership in Parliament.

According to him, the posturing of the majority side is problematic and defeats the whole consensus-building argument.

Speaking in the latest JoyNews Hotline Documentary, ‘Ghana’s Hung Parliament; a blessing or a curse’ by Kwesi Parker-Wilson, Prof Gyampo said the current leadership side should be relegated to the background due to their hawkish disposition.

“When you listen to some of the utterances of the current leadership in Parliament, you’d be angry.”

“Some of them are overly partisan and they sound politically nauseating to the extent that what they say frustrate any effort to ensure genuine consensus,” he argued.

Prof Gyampo

“Political sobriety, political temperament and political tolerance are key attributes of the calibre of leaders you need to lead deliberations in a hung Parliament.”

He also added that the hung nature of the eighth Parliament, requires more dialogue and consultations, unlike previous instances where one side had a clear majority.

“In a hung Parliament, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been a Member of Parliament for 20 or 30 years; if you are a political hawk, you must take the backbench and bring in people who are sober, people whose utterances would necessarily elicit a certain agreement from the other side,” he suggested.

Majority Leader and Deputy

Source: myjoynewsonline

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