A communication team member of the National Democratic Congress ( NDC), John Afful said the Electronic Transaction Levy, known as E-levy is the worse form of tax ever in the country.

According to him, the NDC will continue to support it’s MPs in Parliament to resist any foul means by the government and it’s majority MPs in Parliament that bent on passing the E-levy Bill.

John Afful who is currently aspiring for the Chairmanship of the Weija Gbawe Constituency of the NDC made these comments during an interview with EXPRESSNEWSGHQNA in Parliament on Wednesday, February 2,2022.

He said the E-levy is the laziest form of revenue generation and would further worsen the plight of Ghanaians under the hardship economy.

John Afful

The E- levy which is on the consideration stage in Parliament but has been hault due to the brawls that occured in Parliament on December 21,2021.

The Minority prevented the First Deputy Speaker, Joseph Osei Owusu, when he made attempt to take part in the votes while presiding as Speaker.

The government through the Ministry of Finance introduced the Bill seeking to collect 1.75% of Electronic Transaction Levy.

The government claimed funds to be generated from the E-levy will be use to create jobs and construction of Roads, among others
However the move received resistance by Ghanaians as some says it amounted to stealing from the citizens and others believed it is a double taxation.

Notwithstanding, John Afful questioned if the Akufo Addo led government that borrowed over $200 billion and collected over $25 billion donors funds from the IMF , the World, others and couldn’t account for what those monies have been used for, how is the estimated 6.9 billion cedis going to help bring the needed development?

In his considered view,the government should withdraw the Bill and seek support from the international monetary fund and as well block the loopholes in the country revenue generation .
He said the NDC is not against taxation per say but the government failed to demonstrate the competence to use the public funds.
He however urged Ghanaians to rally the NDC and the Minority in Parliament to resist the passage of the E-levy which he described as ” evil levy.”

Source: expressnewsghana.com

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