The parliamentary caucus of the Upper Region has expressed worried over the withdrawal of the Military Security details of the Speaker of Parliament, Rt Hon Alban Bagbin.

The Caucus joined calls for the security detail of the Rt. Hon. Speaker to be restored as soon as possible in order to ensure a complete state security protection for the third most important personality of the state.

The Ghana Armed Forces wrote to the Office of the Speaker a couple of weeks ago to announce the withdrawal of the military component of the security detail of the Speaker, citing improper procedure in the attachment of military personnel to the Speaker’s office.

Also, communications from Government officials have justified the withdrawal while indicating that, besides the military, there were enough police personnel deployed to Speaker’s office and residence capable of safeguarding his security.

Dr Rashid Pelpuo, Chairman of Upper West caucus

However, addressing a press conference in Parliament on Wednesday, February 2, 2022, the spokesperson for the Upper West Caucus, Alhaji Dr. Rashid Pelpuo said they were concerned by the inaction of Government to address the issue of the security of the Speaker despite the public outcry.

He said, “The lack of sufficient response by the Government to the present situation is generating worry and compelling this briefing. We seek therefore to urge Government to give adequate response to the worry expressed by the myriads of public opinions expressed and to satisfy the complete security need of the Speaker.

“If even it will require the reinstatement of the military team that had been withdrawn unilaterally by Government.”

According to the Upper West Caucus, the inaction of the Government in the issue seem to betray a certain bias against the Speaker since the security provided for a public figure in any of the three arms of Government is not compromised either by exposing the security detail to the public or to reduce the security package to the disadvantage of the officer.

“Like any of the leaders of the three arms of Government, it is our belief that the security of the Speaker is of paramount concern to the people of Ghana and requires the Government to rise to the responsibility of adequately addressing the present lapse,” they observed.

Speaker of Parliament


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