The Minority caucus in Parliament has kicked against the increments of prices of Electricity Services, describing it as “draconian” price hike.

A statement issued by Ranking of Mines and Energy Committee, John Abdulai Jinpaor said the Minority “has noted with grave concern,some steep and astronomical increases in service and other related charges within the Electricity sector averaging at almost 100%.

The Minority contended that the government failed to follow due process in effecting the increment.


“Even more worrying is the fact that these increments have been carried out in the most opaque and clandestine manner without recourse to any public announcement by the Public Utility and Regulatory Commission.

“The Minority in Parliament wishes to state in unequivocal terms that we completely reject these draconian price hikes given the current economic conditions as well as the surreptitious manner with which the exercise has been carried out. This unorthodox approach is in complete violation of laid down processes which require that consumers are notified of such adjustments prior to implementation.

“We therefore call for the immediate suspension of these price increments to allow for better consultation and also ensure that due process is adhered in this regard,” the statement concluded.


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