Call them, MPs with national interests or “Pathologists Without Border”, you are not far from the true as blood brother of late President John Evans Atta Mills, Hon Samuel Atta Mills has cautioned the Majority group MPs in parliament to back off their motion to investigate the late President death.

According to the KEEA MP, the Majority MPs could not be aggrieved more than the bereaved family.

He urged the NPP MPs led by Majority Chief Whip, Frank Annor- Dompreh to rather be interested in what killed late Abukwah North MP, JB Danquah Adu.

Below is his Full statement
Hon. Samuel Attah Mills* on the MPs calling for investigation into Former Prez Mills death

Late John Mills

“Why are the MPs crying more than the bereaved?
It’s when there are no elders in the house that the children go wayward.
Why do they care about Attah Mills than their own J.B Dankwa who was murdered in cold blood?
People are suffering in this country. You don’t sit in the front desk for useless things like this.
They should know the difference between stupidity and wisdom. Every year they want to use professor Mills death to do politics.
How many times have Annor Dompre spoken about the strikes going on in this country? How many times has he spoken about E-Levy?
It is time for people with brains to talk.
What worries me is there are so many intelligent MPs in the majority side, why have they kept them away from the front desk and allowed people like Annor Dompreh to speak anyhow?
I know Habib Iddrisu very well. His mother was a very good friend to Prof Mills. For him to get involved in this is below him.
It is not necessary to investigate profs death. We know what caused his death. I have his autopsy report with me.
So is this their level of politics? They should be ashamed of themselves.
People voted them to come to parliament to engage in things that will benefit the whole nation. Things are becoming harder. Fuel prices are rising. Those are the things we should be worried about as members of Parliament.
When they set up this committee, they should called me as their first witness and I will be the last witness they will call.
I am a blood brother of professor John Evans Attah Mills. From the same mother and father. I was in custody of his dead body. I was with him when he became president till the day he died. He passed away in my hands. How dare you guys always bring up this hurt. WHY??”.


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