The Member of Parliament for Krachi East, Hon Wisdom Gidisu has reminded the Akufo-Addo led government to fulfill its promises and provide the region with a Hospital to enable residents’ access to quality healthcare.

According to him, providing Dambai, the capital of Oti Region with an ultramodern municipal hospital and equips it to a regional Hospital level would help reduce the burden residents go through to access major health issues in other regions.

Mr. Gidisu made the call when he dragged the Minister for Health, Hon Kweku Agyeman-Manu to Parliament to know when Dambai, the regional capital would be provided with a Municipal Hospital on Wednesday, February 16, 2022.

“Mr. Speaker, I rise to ask the Minister for  Health when Dambai, the capital of Oti Region, will provide a municipal hospital to make healthcare easily accessible to residents of the entire catchment area?”, he quizzed the Minister.


In response, the sector Minister Agyeman-Manu said Dambai, the regional Capital is one of the beneficiaries of the good flagship program, “Agenda 111,” where the land site for the projects have been secured and processes underway to award the project on contract for construction.

According to the Minister, Oti Region which is one of the newly created regions would receive some of these Agenda 11 hospital projects and Dambai would certainly get a hospital befitting its regional statues and assured that when the process of awarding contracts are concluded, the projects would kick start.

But Hon Gidisu said he was dissatisfied with the answers on grounds that, prior to the 2020 general elections, the government cut sod for the project with skeleton designs of the Hospital and erected a fence around with heaps of sand indicating a Contractor was about to move to the site.

“Before the election, the President came to Constituency and cut sod for the project. The site was fenced with plywood and the design of the Hospital was pasted on the fence. Residents were so happy and were hoping that by end of this year, 2022, the Hospital would have been completed. But as I speak, the site is now weeding. The entire plywood fence has been riffed off. The so call designs have been removed and there is nothing to indicate the project will ever take place,” Hon Gidisu bemoaned the deception of the government.

Kweku agyeman Manu

The MP said the population of Krachi East Municipality, is 116,804  and most of the residents are farmers and live in rural localities, stressing that, the absence of a well-equipped hospital is affecting their health needs as most of them have had to risk on a distance tin other to access healthcare in other districts.

Currently, Hon Gidisu said the only health facility that the residents relied on is the Evangelical Presbyterian (EP) clinic and other traditional sources, which he believed is woefully inadequate to serve the population, hence the need for the municipal or at best a Regional Hospital to complement.

The worst part of the plight of the residents, he added is the fact that the District which spans about   65 km of trunk road and about a total of 268 km feeder and community access roads are in bad condition and thereby making transportation very difficult.


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