Member of Parliament for Navrongo Central Constituency, Sampson Tangombu Chiraga has expressed with shock how the much-touted “Akufo Addo government” is now managing the country’s economy.

According to him the Finance Minister and his team have mismanaged the economy to the extent that natural air is now expensive for the ordinary Ghanaian to breathe.

Speaking on the Daybreak Upper East show on A1 Radio, he asked “Since when did the finance minister and his team go around the country begging people to approve a levy; it tells that the policy itself they are introducing is wrong. What has happened to the country’s natural resources they spoke about when they were in opposition? He as Finance Minister should ask himself such questions.”

Hon Sampson Chiragia

“It simply means this government has failed Ghanaians woefully yet feels big to admit the truth”, he added.

Touching on the minister’s comment regarding the District Assemblies Common Fund and how NDC MPs have made it impossible for its allocation he asked what happened to the loans they as government collected last year.

“Ghanaians want to know what happened to the loans that he collected last year. He should tell us what he used the loans for and stop faulting MPs. What is the role of the MP as far as the common fund is concerned? Our role is to only approve the formula and we have done that. GRA has made the target, why is it that he’s not paying the money or he’s telling us it’s because of e-levy.”

He, therefore, stressed that the e-levy is not the solution to the mess he (Finance Minister and President Akufo-Addo) government has created rather the extravagant expenditures under the government.


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