The Member of Parliament for Saboba Constituency in the Northern Region, Hon Joseph Nikpe  Bukari has expressed worry over the interference in of calls by telecom companies in neighboring Togo.

According to him, residents have complained to him severally concerning, their voice calls often been interrupted by networks in Togo such as Togocel and Togomoov.

As the result, the MP summoned the Minister for Communications and Digitalisation, Hon Ursula Owusu to parliament to answer questions over the concerns raised by the Saboba MP on behalf of his constituents.

Telephony Masts

Hon. Nike Bukari wanted to know what steps the Ministry and for that matter, the government is doing to resolve the telephony interference from neighboring Togo networks.

Mr. Speaker, I rise to ask the Minister for Communications and Digitalisation what steps the Ministry is taking to ensure that mobile network operators in Ghana serving  Saboba District prevent interruptions in-network services by mobile network operators in the Republic of Togo,”  he questioned the Minister.

In response, the sector Minister Madam Ursula Owusu said the AirtelTigo, one of the Telecos networks in Ghana has commenced an investigation into the interference of telecom signals from operators in Togo in the Saboba Constituency.

According to her,  based on the outcome of the investigation, AirtelTigo would then engage the National Communications Authority Togo to help address the cross-border network interference issue.

AirtelTigo currently has three (3) telecom sites namely: Saboba,Waepuli and Zangbeli and they plan to enhance their network coverage in some adjoining locations. The NCA is also in discussions with its Togolese counterpart to minimize cross-border interference.

She added that Togo and Ghana plan on collaborating to define a framework to use a spectrum of telecom frequencies at their common border.

This meeting aims at overcoming issues related to interferences in the radio spectrum along the Togo-Ghana border.

At the meeting, besides the two regulators, telecom services providers from both nations were also present

The Minister however assured that the concerns of the residents of Saboba like accidental roaming and voice interruption generate additional costs for users living in the area.

But the MP expressed dissatisfaction with the Minister’s response on grounds that Interference in most of the telephone networks like MTN are major networks being used.

Ghanaian operators are losing users living near the border to Togolese operators, as the network signal of the latter appears to be stronger in the area.


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