A Ghanaian student in Ukraine has appealed to the government, to as a matter of urgency consider evacuating them from the Ukraine-Russia region, following reports of tensions and violent clashes.

According to Joseph, a medical student, foreign students in the region are living in fear over the recent developments.

He said they have to rely on their Ukrainian counterparts for information about the happenings.

“The situation here is very bad, we are all confused. Last night when I was learning I heard the first explosion, it was as if it was at the back of our hostel and we all are living in fear,” he said.

Russia attacks on Ukraine

Thus, he wants the government to initiate steps to bring them home to ensure their safety.

“As of now, we are all in the rooms, but they are saying if you don’t have a shelter you should move to the underground. If God touches the heart of our government and they evacuate us, we will be very happy,” he said.

To compound their woes, he said students are saddled with the burden of having to look for food as there is a food shortage due to the events.

Source: citinewsroom.com

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