Lawmaker for Adansi Asokwa, Hon Kobina Tahiru Hammond is perturbed the police remained silent in arresting Dan of Law Faculty of University of Ghana, Prof Raymond Atuguba over his recent treasonable comment.

According to him, Professor Atuguba should have known better before making what he described as “foolish” and treasonable comments.

While addressing participants at a public forum on Monday, February 28, 2022, Prof Atuguba, pointed out that the current economic conditions in the country makes it very fertile for a coup.

Hon K.T Hammond

“We do not want coup in this country but if we do not act quickly we may have one in our hands. There is one thing to do now, prevent coups in Ghana since the climate and the environment, national and immediate international, are conducive for one. We must compel the government to acknowledge the current economic mess, they mostly, and previous governments, to a larger extent.”

But in a sharp rebuttal, Mr Hammond said “…Prof Atuguba has no reason to say the kind of things he has said, because he is a professor and of no other thing but of law. He understands the constitution; this is the constitution that has made it very clear that anybody who attempts to subvert it commits the offence he knows.”

He also expressed surprise that the learned Professor is still walking a free man despite making those comments.

Prof Ray Atuguba

“I will be surprised if they (police) have not already invited him, clear foolishness. I believe that the theory that has been brought up will be best explained to an assembly of national security apparatus. They will understand it better than where he took the opportunity to say these things. Coup does not resolve difficulties in any country, we should be careful.”


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