Prof Raymond Atuguba is the current dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Ghana School of Law, my alma mater.
He has been lecturing and practising law for sometime now.

Well known for legal education not practising.
At a public lecture organised by Solidaire Ghana, with the theme A Reviewed 1992 Constitution And Its Impact On The Economy Of Ghana .
He is a newsmaker as he appreciates controversial matters. He ‘dances’ to them.
Prof Atuguba is also a politician having flirted with both the Peoples National Party(PNC) and the National Democratic Congress.Still?
He once served the former President Mahama as the Executive Secretary.
He was dismissed by President Mahama for – – -.
He didn’t inform his audience of these items about himself.

I am highly disappointed in him.As a legal teacher, he should know better when it comes to communicating such sensitive matters like coup. He has goofed badly.
Coup as a solution to our economic situation?
It is very mundane for anyone to think this way.
Overthrow the Constitution, that is the elected government because the economy has challenges?
Myopic! Then the entire governments of the world will go through coups or constitutional overthrows.
All the coups our beloved country experienced from Nkrumah, Busia and Liman never produced any positive and productive outcomes for the country.Any challenge?

Prof Raymond Atuguba

Therefore, there is no justification for any person, especially a learned person like a university don to set such a nefarious agenda.
Was the economy rosy and excellent during the reign of President Mahama where Raymond Akongburo Atuguba was a kingpin in the government?
Hypocrisy at its apogee.
Yes,the economy has some serious challenges.
Yes, cost of living is high, so the option is coup?
I believe the government is not slumbering.It is doing everything possible to revive the economy. This is the moment people like Atuguba should suggest nationalistic thoughts to the government not that sickening language.
People forcing themselves to become heroes by playing to the gallery. Cheap!
Unfortunately, we have people rationalizing such illegal thoughts because someone else is on the throne.
Ghana is not the only country that is going through this quagmire. All nations across the globe are struggling to manage and control their economies.
Countries like USA, Great Britain, Germany,France Netherlands etc.are struggling.
The truth is that covid 19 is a huge factor.Only a pretender will argue.It is a reality.
Lives are tough, a truism, but coup not the antidote.
We receive communication from loved ones and family members about the pressure from their various bases.
Our neighbors like Nigeria, Cote Ivoire, Togo, Senegal and the rest are all crying.
Coups can never be solution to any thing.
Coup is stealing the rights,power and the authority of the people.
Our 1992 Constitution has laid down all processes of removing a government and coup is not one of them.
It is wrong for Atuguba and his ilks to be making such dangerous and divisive comments about overthrowing an elected government.
Maybe their visas are glued in their passports and that of their family members and ready to – – –
It is wrong
It is divisive
It is dangerous
It is sickening
It inciteful
It is backward
It undemocratic
It is irrational
It is nauseating
It is destructive.
At least,I saw the pioneer reign of Provisional National Defense Council as a teenager.It was dreadful.
Prof Atuguba and his cohorts should stop this coup mentality.
Countries like Burkina Fasso, Mali and Guinea are struggling as coups staged never produced any benefit to the innocent population.
Sanctions galore.
The supreme law of our country, the 1992 Constitution has given us,we the people, the mandate, power and authority to change any government that does not satisfy us either through non-renewal of mandate or through an impeachment process, not a coup d’etat.
Coups are regressive and unproductive.
The negative effects of the coup are numerous; abuse of human rights, corruption, deaths, truncation of speech and movement, economic sanction, mismanagement, unemployment, Parliament will be overthrown like the Executive, Judiciary cannot function independently, education would be affected, arbitrary arrests, chaos, etc.
Coup is both a malaise and death.
Civil Society Organizations are mute on this murderous comment by one of their own.
Ghana and Ghanaians, hmmm.
Will the arresting authority handcuff an ordinary or a commoner who might have made such a call?
Ghana is still my happy home.
Coup, not my diction and mens ra.
Ahmed Osumanu Halid
Nima 441


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