Laws are made to govern, guide and direct our affairs.
Without laws, the outcome is chaos, pandemonium and destruction.
The University Teachers Association of Ghana has been on a strike for 6 weeks.
UTAG is a collection of intellectuals whose members are elites, and therefore should know better and be seen respecting the laws of the land including the decisions of the court of competent jurisdiction.
It is very sad that teachers of our tertiary institutions should disobey the decision of a court.
Our nation is a progressive one.No person, authority or institution is above the law.
Rule of Law is the centerpiece of our democratic dispensation, not the rule of men.
It is very dangerous if our learned persons in our jurisdiction or nation happily disobey the decision of our courts.
It is nauseating to hear UTAG say the various campuses are holding referenda to decide the decision of the court before suspending their strike.They declined the directive of their executives to do the needful.Disappointing!
The intervention of any politician from the President to the members of Parliament cannot super cede the decision and the order of the court.
It is a shameful act on the part of the lecturers to hold the nation to ransom.Punishing innocent children and their parents for no wrong on their part.
Consider this scenario: A Professor initiates an action against another in a competent court of jurisdiction.
The judge gives his ruling/judgement in his favour.
How will he feel if the defendant fails to honour the court’s decision or order?
The maxim that he comes to equity must come with clean hands 🙌 is held in this scenario.
Even appeals from all have fallen on deaf ears.

Ghana is a sovereign state with a defined population, defined territory, capacity to involve in contracts, constitution, has its own functional Parliament, Judiciary and has a President, with all these characteristics or features what else?
University Teachers Association of Ghana, please respect the laws and the orders of our judicial body and return to the classroom and teach our children and contemporaries.
The court has spoken,finito!
Ahmed Osumanu Halid
Nima 441.

Ahmed Osumanu

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