Mr Daniel Oppong, Chief Executive, Globe Educational Center (GEC), a leading Global Education Services provider in Ghana and Africa, has disclosed that they intend to help many Ghanaian students to succeed in their studies abroad.
He said their objective was to ensure that the students attain their goals and become successful with their studies overseas.
“We intend to help as many students as we can to also succeed in their academic career so that they can come back home to help in building the nation.”
Mr Oppong made the revelation at the 15th Anniversary Celebration and the inauguration of a new office building for the Globe Educational Center at Westlands in Accra.

Mr Daniel Oppong,

The Globe Educational Center in Ghana over years has provided unique opportunities and services to many Ghanaian and African students to be successful in their studies abroad.
Mr Oppong also explained that GEC had collaborations with several partner universities in the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Canada and the United States to ensure that students who enroll in institutions in this countries were able to achieve career goals.
He said these partner institutions had been carefully selected to help the students to attain their dreams and aspirations of pursuing their education overseas.
He said GEC assists students in selecting their career courses and their application process to enable the applicant secure their dream courses.
Mr Oppong also explained that some of the partner universities of GEC had scholarship packages ranging from full scholarships to partial scholarship depending on the school.
He stated that over the past 15 years GEC had been able to assist lots of students to gain admissions into various foreign universities in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia; saying “no matter the person’s educational level or qualification or grade there is a package for them”.
Mr Oppong also stated that despite the success achieved by GEC over the period the institution have had its fair share of challenges in relation to students who apply for the programme.

Mr Daniel Oppong,


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