The introduction of his ministers was like a reality show. Listing achievements, positions held and what they were bringing on board. What a novelty, the media said!!!

Though I don’t remember what was said about Mavis Hawa Coomson, I remember it halted at a time when Ghanaians started complaining of the ballooning number of ministers.

“I AM IN A HURRY” was the answer we got from Mr president. He was then enjoying honey moon that no one dared to find out where he was rushing to.

The over speeding seems to have crushed the economy. They have lost their voices, the president is even shy to let us know the state of the nation. As for meeting the press, I dare say he will never dream of it.

Free SHS was hurriedly pushed through in his first year, without proper planning, and no dedicated fund. Now free SHS is in the theater for review.

Excavators were sent to some villages digging earth and praying the rains gather it’s water longer than normal so that it will be called a dam. Another review on the surgical desktop.

He met a resilient economy with many investments from his predecessor maturing in his first year.

Seeing such a strong economy, his preference became private jet when he travelled. I can’t tell if that is also part of the speed he needed for the economic transformation.

Mr president, where have we gotten to with your speed.

Governance is not about slangs or copying inaugural speeches.

When failure stared him in the face, renaming existing edifices instead of building new ones; became the idea to have his name on plaques. His speed,will not allow him to start any foundation.

If a promise made to God, that the cathedral will be the first project to be completed to thank God, you can’t help than to say God has been scammed.

6 years down the line, excavation work is still ongoing with no sign of completion anytime soon.

If God can be scammed, then my people hoping to see agenda 111, Keta port or the sea defence in Ketu south, may have to rethink.

People’s childhood dreams, unfortunately have brought this nation on its knees. However difficult it looks, this nation must work again!!! There are better days ahead.

Kun fa Yakun


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