As part of his social intervention policies, the Member of Parliament for Akan, Hon Yao Gomado, has supported a total of 5,000 residents to get re-registered their SIM cards, using the Ghana Identification Card.

The exercises, according to the MP followed several complaints from residents about the difficulties they had to go through to re-register their SIM cards.

“I took a decision to assist my constituents to re-register their SIM cards in the constituency after receiving several complaints from lots of people about difficulties they had to go through to re-register their SIM cards.”

The MTN office is situated at Kadjebi, the district capital, so most of the residents have had to travel as far distance with a transportation cost of about GHS40.00, for just a day and if it so happened one travel to come and couldn’t get chance to get registered, you will be paying more to come back the next day,” he lamented.

The exercises took place at some of the communities including Dodo Amanfrom, Dodo Pepesu, Dodi Papse, Pampawie,Ahamnsu, Poase Cement, Dzamlome , among others places in the Constituency were provided by officers from some of the prominent telecom Networks including MTN, Vodafone and AirtelTigo.

Hon Gomado told EXPRESSNEWSGHANA after the exercises that, he organized the Registration to enable residents, especially workers who are unable to visit the Telecom outlets to register due to crowds at some of the registration centers.

The move, he added  was to ease the pressure on the constituents who lives far from the telecoms outlet to get registered at a convenient point, noting that, “the re-registration doesn’t require going to any telecom outlet as the process can be carried out on mobile devices with a dedicated USSD code, as long as one has the Ghana Card.”

At the end of the exercises, more than 5,000 constituents who have not had the opportunity to register were successfully re-registered.

Some of the residents who successfully have their SIM Cards re-registered expressed gratitude to the MP for coming to their aid by bringing the telecos to the constituency office to enable them to get registered without difficulties.

They prayed for his successful administration to bring more development policies and programs to their doorsteps.

The government claimed Re-registration is part of plans to strengthen Ghana’s digital economy by creating unique IDs, adding them to the country’s database, and in the process, reducing incidences of fraudulent digital activities, which have become commonplace.

Ghana Card is issued by the NIA to residential and non-residential Ghanaian citizens and serves as a means of identification in diverse situations like property acquisition, travel pass, etc.

With a population of over 30 million people, the number of mobile subscriptions in Ghana as of 2019 was 40.93 million, per Data from the statistical services.

In recent times, cybercrime in Ghana has become more prevalent and the government, however, believes this is a huge step in curtailing the criminal and creating a structure for accountability in the country’s digital economy.


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