Residents of Kadjebi and its adjoining communities of the Akan Constituency,  last week benefited from a free eye test, cataract screening and distribution of glasses organized by the Member of Parliament for the area, Hon  Yao Gomado, in collaboration with Liftimewells Vision and Friends Eye Centre in the Oti Region, as part of efforts to reduce the incidence of avoidable blindness in the area.

The exercises, he noted was to support and put smiles on the faces of the residents by helping them not only with the screening but also with treatment and distribution of free glasses and eye drops in furtherance of a community filled with healthy people.

Hon Gomado, a Member of the Environment, Science and Technology Committee of Parliament added that the free eye screening would also enhance the efforts in addressing eye challenges of vulnerable residents of the Constituency.

The programme took place in five designated communities including Dodo Amanfrom,Dodi Papase, Ahamansu, Pampawie, Poase  and Dzindzinso, Kadjebi and Asato.

Some of the services rendered included free eyes screening, free eye treatment, free distribution of eye drops and cataract surgery which has been slated to take place soon in the District Hospital.

At the close of the five days exercises, 2,483 residents were screened, 2,046 eye drops were dispensed to residents, 596 medicated eyeglasses were supplied for free and 210 people were booked for the surgery.

Notwithstanding, Hon Gomado told EXPRESSNEWSGHANA, in Parliament on Friday, March 25, 2022, that the programme would be once in a while organised in line with his commitment to improving the healthcare needs of the people.


He explained that it was his ambition of taking health care delivery to the doorstep of his constituents who are principally farmers.

Hon Gomado said the eye screening was necessary as many of the residents have sight challenges but could not afford the financial resources, hence his partnership with Lifetimewells Vision and Friends of the Eye Centres to tackle the challenges.

“Most of the old people in my Constituency have issues with their sight and do not know what to do about it. Even young people who have health challenges don’t sometimes know how to manage and without good health, you cannot manage anything well.

“It has been revealed that health is a major need of the people and that is why I am doing this.  I think it is important that I bring improvement to the people in different ways; I must support my people in various forms for those who require support.

“That is why I decided to partner with LifetimeWells Vision and Friends of the Eye Centre to provide free eye tests for people to check the status of their eyes and treat whatever ailment they have;  We provided eyeglasses to those that need them and supported cataract surgery for those that require such after the screening, all at no cost to them. This is one of the things that I can facilitate as MP, to provide good healthcare for the people,” Hon. Gomado said.


He said he was not surprised about the number of cases discovered because many people from the area have had such problems due to the proximity to the Volta Lake and other water bodies.

Hon Gomado however called on stakeholders and other philanthropists to assist him to run more of these programs to save the sight of the constituents.

He also advised residents to take advantage of periodic free Eye Screening,  free Glass distribution exercises, and other free medical exercises to improve their health.


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