Democratic rule is not about emotions, feelings or thoughts but it’s about numbers. It’s about majority even if they are wrong. The majority seemed representing the larger population of Ghanaians.

That could be the reason why parliament has the saying that ” the minority may have their say but majority will always have their way. This should prompt the political parties to work very hard and harder with all their might to increase their seats in parliament, come 2024.

Apostle Avoyam Stephen.

That will end the debate of wanting to frustrate government business.

To achieve this, the parties need to resolve all difference between individuals in their parties especially in their strong Constituencies, across the 16 regions and provide resources to work effectively and efficiently.

The framers of the 1992 Constitution never aticipated this “hang parliament” coming but here we are. However, either good or bad, it is a test case to the 1992 constition. This test will spell out reasons why some of us are with the opinion that the 1992 constition should be reviewed.

I am for Ghana.
Good morning.
My thoughts!
Apostle Avoyam Stephen.


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