Let me first apologise to all those whose calls I couldn’t pick. The calls were overwhelming because, many felt the minority MPs should have stayed and voted.

One caller, of the few that I answered was an angry mate of mine who voted NPP but was disappointed with us for allowing the E-levy to pass. Ordinarily I would have said, carry the cross of your 4 more, but I shared in his pain. Not knowing what you are bargaining for, and ending up voting for a beast, can be a mental torture.

Truth is, Ghanaians are seeing the NDC as a source of their hope to stand up to the careless and corrupt NPP administration. I cant fault anyone’s anger but it is a duty to redirect it, and let you have a brighter picture.

Comrades, don’t give up on our MPs and on ourselves too fast.They are on course.

These were the same people who stood firm against the E-levy from day one. They have exchanged blows, ceased the speakers chair etc, all to stop this obnoxious E-levy. Why do you think they will wreck a smooth sailing ship close to its destination?

Godwin Ako Gunn

We were a man down, thanks to the judiciary. We could have stayed and voted, the results could have been 136 against 137. Is that what we wanted? Or we will buy time, get our strength to throw out the motion. The leadership was strategic and we must salute them.

Let me assure you, the E-levy will not see the light of day anytime soon. Our MPs have already filed a stay of execution. Strategies are not discussed in public, neither is it thrown out before its execution.

Trust and support is all they need at this moment. They are well able.

The anger shown simply tells me the love many have in and for the NDC, it is a great omen for us ahead of the next elections. We cant afford to betray you. We can’t afford to lose your support. We are in this together.

Lets stay together, trust leadership as we prepare for the better days ahead.

Kun Fa Yakun

Source: Godwin Ako Gunn

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