In the spirit of bringing accessible and affordable healthcare to the doorsteps of her constituents, the Member of Parliament for Krachi West, Hon Heln Adjoa Ntoso, has sponsored free eye surgery for hundreds of her Constituents who suffered eye problems for decades.

At the end of the exercises which lasted three days, a total of 164 participants underwent successful free surgeries for various eye ailments..

The beneficiaries were identified at an earlier free eye screening exercise for 2062 residents within the constituency.

During the eye screening some were treated and given eyes drops free, while the 164 were also identified to have some serious eye problems.

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The surgical exercise which the MP sponsored in conjunction with the Liftimewells Vision and Friends Eye Centre commenced on Monday, March 1, 2022, at Krachi West District Hospital and ended on Tuesday, March 30, 2022, with nine communities.

The communities includes Bommoden, Ntewusae, Kete Krachi, Ehaimankyene, Osramani, Chantal, Nkyenekyene, Monkra and Kandentwe.

The superior objective of the exercise, according to the MP was to help eradicate risk factors and various conditions that could precipitate blindness and to promote good health in the constituency.

Subsequently, she noted, a total of 1,389 eye drops were dispensed to the participants and 238 prescription glasses were also given to constituents with various eye defects.

Nonetheless, Hon Helen Ntiso expressed her heartiest appreciation to the medical team for their hard work and diligence.

“Indeed, words are not enough to convey my utmost gratitude to them and all others who worked behind the scenes towards the success of this exercise, she said.

Some of the beneficiaries expressed gratitude to the MP for her intervention.

They prayed for her life and vowed to support her to bring similar and more development initiatives to benefit the entire constituency.


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