I am a politician. I undertake or participate in active politics.
I hold a political office.I earn some legitimate income as a politician.Even though I have other specialized areas : Alternative Dispute Resolution, communications consultant,researcher and a writer in social, political, legal and on motivational matters.
I do politics to the core. I have worked and gained(still) weighty experience from stalwarts like the late Hon JH Mensah, Hon Papa Owusu Ankomah, Dr Kofi Konadu Apraku, my own mate and brother, Hon Issac Kwame Asiamah, Prof Mike Oquaye, Dr Kwame Addo Kufour, Hon Kwamena Bartels, Hon Dan Botwe and my brother who also happens to be my hometown( Chamba in the Nanumba North District and Bimbilla as its Constituency, Member of Parliament, Hon Dominic Nitiwul.
I belong to a political family or tradition.It is the Danquah- Busia-Dombo Tradition.
The political citadel that believes in the building of individual capacity, personal liberty,democracy and the rule of law.
I have also benefitted and still benefit from good politicians on the other divide. The current Speaker, Rt Hon Alban Sumani Bagbin, the number ‘2’ unknown to the Grundnorm of our country, that is the 1992 Constitution, Rt Hon Doe Adjaho a former speaker who agreed with the Constitution that he was number three according to the Constitutional strata.Hon
Haruna Iddrisu, the current official opposition leader of our country and few others.


Hon ABA Fuseni, NDC Member of Parliament for Sangnirigu, always shares proverbs with me.He tells me that I can only slap a chief when I see a housefly on his cheeks.Really?
I should introduce a caveat here, not all politicians are bad or unkind in my country.
That perception must be erased from our diction.
There are many of them whose gravamen is to serve the people and ensure that development is given to all and not to ‘amass’.-,-,-.
Politicians love themselves as teachers,medical doctors, nurses, civil servants and the rest do..But at times, disagree.That is normal and ideal.
They can only play to the gallery, do a bit of partisanship and do everything to gain political power. Finito! The politician.
See the lifestyles of some politicians who are in ‘power'(The Executive) and those who are in Parliament.Not only the current Executive and Members of Parliament.
When the goodies are being shared and all are to benefit either land cruisers or other perks, none speaks about the economic situation.(both the majority and the minority).Quietness is the word.
Remember, the 28 million dollars Parliament approved with clarity to acquire vehicles to all the 275 members including those whose seats are being challenged in our various courts.
They have been provided with police guards for their security.They are mute but quietly enjoying the largesse.
The leadership of Parliament changes ‘properties’ every 4 years.Kyei and Haruna leading their caucuses.(hope the message is clear).

Ahmed Osumanu Halid

My dear reader, do you have to hate, fight,maim, damage or to the extreme, cause the demise of your brother or sister because of our politicians? The answer is No!
Yes, you can defend the principles and ‘fight’ with ideas and abstract.
Then compel them to create all the avenues, the opportunities, the good laws , policies, programmes and suitable environment for you to thrive.Your success does not lie in the hands of our policians.It falls in your own remit.Work hard to achieve it.Remember political office is a temporary abode,especially if you are an appointee of a President, when the law does not require him to give any reason of his actions.
Today, my fellows in NDC are prescribing all the antidotes as if they had never had the opportunity to man or serve the country some few years ago and my team (NPP)is also behaving as if we had never been at the position of NDC before.
My politicians!
A Ghanaian politician loves his or her fellow politician from the other camp.
Just walk to Parliament and see the relationship that exists among them.They work together, eat together, drive each other and help one another either in cash or kind.Yes, it happens.
The Jinapor Brothers in the current Parliament define who a Ghanaian politician is(beautiful). They are always together in harmony and in love.They only differ ‘small’ in their political beliefs and ideologies.
Nice to emulate them.Most of our politicians are
religious, school, class, ethnic, and social mates.They are together.
The ‘fight is only small’.
When Muslim MPs are in the mosque, you can never differentiate anything. Unity is the watchword. Likewise their Christian counterparts( The Speaker and his two Deputies are staunch Catholics).
The pretense is only for the ‘spectacle’.Nothing else. They are together.
Never die for any politician. You will go alone.Their presence is only at your funeral and announced donations.
My dear reader, love your religion, love your family, love your country, love your neighbor, appreciate your political party and the politician but never die for him or her.(the politician).
Love for all, hatred for none( Credit, Ahamadiya Sect).
Ahmed Osumanu Halid
Nima 441.

Source: expressnewsghana.com

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