Apostle Stephen Avoyam, a Reverend Minister with the Spirit of Praise Church- Ghana, has advised Ghanaian youth, especially those from Northern Ghana to resist the temptation in fueling conflicts and seek peace.

According to him, the youth in most communities in conflict communities in parts of the North have allowed themselves to be use as thugs to perpetrate crime in the name of land or Chieftamcy, a situation he said is depriving development in the Northern part of the country.

Citing some Chieftaincy issues to buttress his call, Apostle Avoyam said the youth in the Northern part of the country must emulate their peers in Southern parts, especially in the Asante Kingdom and the Dormaa traditional area.

He said the recent verbal exchange between the Dormaahene and the Asantehene over historical facts of the two traditional kingdoms did not see the youth getting involve and.killing each other like it is happening in the North.

In a statement making rounds in social media and sighted by EXPRESSNEWSGHANA , Apostle Avoyam charged the youth in the Northern Ghana to change the new leaf and focus on building peace and harmony for development rather than involving in unproductive conflicts over lands and Chieftaincy issues.

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Write Up by Apostle Stephen Avoyam

A year ago, we heard from the various platforms of how the overlord of Dormaa dive into history about how he thinks they conquered the Asantes and the counter attacked from the Asantehene. In fact, they made mockery and used unprinted words on each other but we never heard their subjects fighting. Perhaps it never resulted into clashes due to several reasons which I wouldn’t be able to mention.

Apostle Stephen Avoyam

But I have since been asking myself what could have happened if these two individual powerful Overlords were in the North?

Could it be that our lands are not developed and that we have nothing to loose? Our place is underdeveloped and yet, we fight and destroy the little developments we see. What about the lives too? Whatever reason why we fight, possibly can never produce a life.
I am a victim, you’re a victim. Northerners in the “downsouth” are always been used by the beneficiaries. Very sad! My dear brothers and sisters, I wept when I saw our mothers weeping in their numbers at the palace of the Overlord of Navrongo, following the unending killing in the conflict between Kandiga and Doba Communities. Watching the video from afar, I could see that His Royal Highness, the Navoro-Pio, was helpless, seeing the plights of those women. I say this to you my dear brethren, let’s talk to ourselves and our people. We are killing ourselves and successive governments sit unconcerned. See what is happening in Bawku. If we don’t help ourselves, nobody will come. Please let’s start as youth, to drink from the peace pipe.
Fortunately for us, we all belong to either Traditional, Christianity or Islamic religion. Thankfully all these religions preach peace. I pray that we as members of this platform will start engaging ourselves, and by God’s grace, Isha Allah, peace will come.

Thank you for your time.
Apostle Stephen Avoyam.

Stephen Avoyam

Source: expressnewsghana.com

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