Over the weekend the Vetting Committee constituted by the Ghana school of law SRC to vet for the various SRC positions vetted Presidential candidates. Students who witnessed the vetting have been in shock since the results of the vetting was released.
Even before the release of the results, one candidate Ms Zelia Osman already had her images on pro-government Newspaper declaring herself victor. In fact the well calculated scheme of her camp went further to make the vetting results a major news item on Peace Fm news.
This has left students wondering whether the Electoral Commission has been compromised or not. Zelia who until the vetting was not considered a front runner in the elections is suddenly the preferred candidate of all government assigns and supporters within the architecture of the Ghana school of law. According to inside sources, the government is not happy with how students have continuously voted for persons perceived to be either NDC or neutral, against pro-NPP candidates.

Amsat Zeila

Students are today wondering whose interest Zelia will serve if she wins the elections. Nana Esi a Part II student interviewed from the Kumasi campus had this to say
‘Imagine the GSL admits less than 200 students this year, do we expect Zelia to lead students on the streets against her own government?. Like seriously, imagine only 200 students are passed in the impending Part II exams. You expect a staff of the Vice President’s office to lead such a charge?’
Kofi Arnold, a part I student of Gimpa campus also adds. ‘Its been a year since the President cut sod for the Law village project and not a single brick has been laid. Admissions is coming again and students will again be unfairly disqualified simply due to lack of space. You expect me to vote for an aide to Samira Bawumia to lead us on the streets?
It is early days yet, but for now it is clear students of the nation’s only Professional Law school are not ready to buy into the Zelia Osman candidacy.
Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: ghananewsonline.com

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