Assemblyman for Alajo-North Electoral Area in the Ayawaso Central Municipal Municipality, Hon Ibrahim Halidu has called on the government to expedite construction work on the Onyasia River to help curb perennial flooding at Geraldo, a community in the Electoral Area.

According to him, the recent rains have exposed and endangered the lives of residents who live by the river, hence his appeal to the government to complete the project on time.

Hon Halidu made the call when he visited the community following the last Saturday rains that flooded most past of the Greater Accra Region.

The Assemblyman who has been visiting the affected residents in the Electoral Area believes when the storm drain is properly constructed, it would help to collect the volumes of water from upstream which causes flooding whenever it rains leading to the destruction of properties and loss of lives in the area.

“The people living at this area have not gotten it easy this past few days. Properties have been destroyed and is unfortunately we lost a lady who left behind two young kids, Hon Halidu told EXPRESSNEWSGHANA, after the tour in the area.

Hon Ibrahim Halidu

He further attributed the flooding situation in the community to a bridge that connects the road from Alajo to Kotobabi.

The bridge, he said needs reconstruction to allow smooth passage of water and as well enable residents to cross easily.

The Assemblyman also called on the government to consider diverting the rain water from the Abelempke which causes floods in some parts of Alajo North especially the Railway Crossing Area and the Christ Ambassadors Area.


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