Mr President, your commitment and dedication to salvage the economic situation cannot be overlooked.
As a staunch member of your party, the New Patriotic Party, the party that believes in human development, private sector development, democracy and freedom in development, I shall continue to support, encourage, help and pray for you and our government to succeed in all endeavors.
But Mr President, kindly watch out,there are some elements within your government whose advice or counsel you have to be careful when considering.
Mr President, the release of an amount of 25million GH cedis for the National Cathedral Project around this time when the economy is ‘sickening’ and struggling is not right.My humble thought.
I support the construction of this project. The rationale behind it is apt and as a Muslim and a believer, I will support any project,initiative or program that would be done to promote the work of God, I am all for it.

Prez Akufo-Addo

Mr. President, I know how religious you are, and how grateful you are to Him for seeing you through in all aspects of your life: family, social, profession( a legal luminary), and an astute politician from activist, Member of Parliament, Minister of State and now the President of the Republic and the Commander -in – Chief of Ghana Armed Forces.
When the naysayers and defeatists wrote you off, God showed His mercy and love for you.
He will continue to guide you so you serve the population well.
Mr. President, I humbly appeal to you to consider the timing of taking some economic actions, especially around this time when the world economies are crushing by day and Ghana is no exception.
Mr President, I pray you appeal to all persons and other Non-Governmental Organizations both within and outside to help on the construction and completion of this national edifice, so that our little finances would be kept for other national assignments you have been prosecuting such as free secondary education,school feeding,national health insurance policy,captation grants, 1D1F and other social and human centred programs.
Once again, kindly watch the timing ooo.Mr President.
Ahmed Osumanu Halid


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