As part of his social intervention policies to end the acute water problem in his constituency, the Member of Parliament for Kumbungu, Dr. Hamza Adam has launched full-scale drilling of boreholes in deprived communities within the area.

So far, he has drilled and mechanized over 30 boreholes under the“Water for Life Project” and pledged his commitment to ensuring that the constituency achieved 100 percent water coverage by the end of his tenure as MP for a constituency.

Dr. Adam, Deputy Ranking of Environment Science and Technology Committee of Parliament, told EXPRESSNEWSGHANA in Parliament that access to drinking water was not only a necessity but a basic human right that no Ghanaian, especially his constituent should be denied.

He assured that he would do everything humanely possible to ensure that every community or hamlet in the Kumbungu Constituency access potable drinking water, stressing that, “I cannot see my people continue to scramble for water with animals in rivers and streams.”

Recently, the MP through his “Water for Life Project” extended the borehole drilling to some communities including Nwodua, Nakpatua and Jaajirgu.

The vibrant and affable lawmaker explained that he funded the drilled and the merchandised boreholes in the Constituency since he became MP and promised to ensure that all deprived and underserved communities benefit from the boreholes.

 “Potable drinking water is a lifelong commodity that should be made available to every household in the constituency. I have no excuse to deny my constituents potable drinking water. I will do my possible best to ensure that there is access and regular flow of water in all the communities”, he stated.


He expressed the hope that by the end of  his tenure in 2024, he had drilled about 100 mechanized boreholes, solid for all to notice, stating, “So far I have drilled about 30  and I prioritised to drill  more to cover the entire constituency,” Dr. Adam said.”

He noted that residents in most of the beneficial communities thanked him for the water projects and said they were hopeful that through his intervention, development challenges in their communities and villages in the area would be addressed to make life better for them.


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