Over 40 delegation of investors from Miami-Dade County, USA, are in Ghana for a three-day visit to seek investment opportunities in Aviation, Seaports,  Tourism, and Commence, among other interesting opportunities.

Honorable Jean Monestime, Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners, District 2 told Journalists at a press briefing in Accra on Tuesday that, the team is in Ghana to learn for the first time about the culture,  share ideas and exchange investment opportunities.

He said the people of Miami- Dade County traces their roots to Africa and reconnecting their ancestor’s routes for investment was the best moment in their lives.

“We are here to foster stronger relationships with Ghana and we believe Ghana and Miami stand to benefit in the area of airports and seaports, economic partnership, tourism and many other opportunities, we have interest in so many,” he added.

Mr.  Monestime reiterated the delegation’s interest to explore the Tourism, Maritime, and economic investment opportunities to contribute to the development of Ghana and Africa to rub out the negative myth that Africa is a failed continent.

Other Commissioners including Honorable Oliver G. Gilbert III, Vice Chairman, Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners, District 1, Honorable Keon Hardemon, Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners, District 3, and Honorable Kionne L. McGhee, Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners, District 9, also expressed confidence that their visit to Ghana and other Africa nation would yield positive results and promote the Year of Return partnership program.

Ambassador Dr. Erieka Bennett, Founder and Head of Mission Diaspora Africa Forum urged the delegation to establish relations, network, and patronize Africa and ensure they come back to establish their roots.

Similarly, Ambassador  Nancy Sam, Vice President at ECOWAS Tourism, said Ghana was the most hit part of Africa where the slave trade was patronized and most of the returnees have reason to trace their roots to Ghana.

She again entreated the Miami delegation to connect with the Diaspora Africa Forum to explore the tourism sector.

The delegation would be attending forums regarding business and economic development, growth, expansion, and cultural exchanges in Ghana before leaving for other African nations.

The delegation has been to Morocco and would be leaving for Nigeria and Kenya after their three days in Ghana, where they would have the same business roundtable meeting regarding aviation and maritime tourism, economic development, and cultural exchanges.

The delegation later donated several school books and bags to the QueenMothers Leadership of Ghana for onwards donation to an orphanage in the country.

Source: expressnewsghana.com

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