Member of Parliament for Bongo constituency, Hon. Edward Abambire Bawa, has summoned the Minister for Energy to Parliament over undue delay of completing of electricity supply project in seven communities within his constituency.

According to the MP, the communities that were to benefit from electricity under the rural electrification project started in 2016, but have since been abandoned.

Hon Samuel Nartey George, MP for Ningo-Prampram who asked the question on behalf of the Bongo  MP was outside parliament on official duties said the seven communities  include Awaa – Akalisum,  Nayorigo – Asasiboko ,  Amanga – Kulbenko , Asabgo – Tua,  Zorko– Goo, Atung – Tua  and  Lungo

“Mr. Speaker, I rise to ask the Minister for Energy when the Rural Electrification Projects in the following communities would be completed: (i) Awaa – Akalisum (ii) Nayorigo – Asasiboko (iii) Amanga – Kulbenko (iv) Asabgo – Tua (v) Zoriko – Goo (vi) Atung – Tua (vii) Lungo,?”,  Hon Edward Bawa quizzed the Minister.


Answering the question, a Deputy Minister of Energy William Owuraku Aidoo on behalf of the substantive Minister said the communities namely, Awaa-Akalisum, Nayorigo-Asasiboko, Zoriko-Goo and Lungo formed part of the Ministry of Energy’s ongoing SHEP-4 Rural Electrification Programme in the Bongo District of the Upper East Region.

 According to the Deputy Minister, 36 out of 48. High Voltage (HV) poles required for the AwaaAkalisum and Nayorigo-Asasiboko communities have been supplied to the site.

He said most of the required pole-top materials have been supplied to Awaa-Akalisum, with 36 strung and transformer installed, adding that the High Voltage (HV) network passes through Zorko-Goo and Lungo communities.

“Mr Speaker, 460 out of 660 Low Voltage (LV) poles required for the project for Awaa-Akalisum, Nayorigo-Asasiboko, Zorko-Goo, and Lungo communities have been supplied and planted.

“Most of the pole-top accessories required for the communities have been supplied to site with dressing (installation) ongoing in Awaa-Akalium and Lungo. The delays in the execution of the electrification projects are as a result of shortage of some key materials/equipment including poles, stay wooden blocks, conductors,” he added.

The Ministry, the Deputy Minister said has taken delivery of some of the materials/equipment and is arranging for the release of same for installation works to resume at the project site.

He further told parliament the Ministry however expect to complete the installation works in the beneficiary communities by the end of the year.

He noted that the Amanga-Kulbenko, Asabgo-Tua and Atung-Tua communities unfortunately do not form part of the Ministry’s electrification projects, but added that, “the communities have been noted and will be considered for connection to the national electricity grid in subsequent phases of the electrification programme.”

But the MP who seemed not pleased with the response of the minister demanded a timeline for the completion of the projects which the minister said as and when the materials are available he supplies to the beneficiary communities.


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