Member of Parliament for Ejura-Sekyeredumasi in the Ashanti Region, Hon Mohammud Bawa Braimah,  has said Ghana’s unity and advancement can only be protected by his party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

He also declared that after 30 years of its formation, the NDC has proven with impeccable records to show that it is the only party that instituted a more genuine development and the fight against corruption in Ghana than what presently obtains in the country.

NDC was founded on June 10, 1992, after its Founder; Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings retired as a Military Leader of the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) led the administration.


It also inherited the June 4, Uprising and its ideals of Probity, Accountability and Social Justice in the Ghanaian political space.

The party won the 1993 and 1996 general elections and produced late former President Jerry John Rawlings who served two terms. The Party loses the 2000 and 2004 general elections but managed to recapture power in the 2008 general election and produced the late John Evans Atta Mills.

The party again retained power in the 2012 elections and produced John Dramani Mahama but lost the 2016 general elections. Mahama contested as the NDC Candidate in the 2020 general elections but lose narrowly to the governing party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

But Speaking to members of the Parliamentary Press Corps last Friday on the 30th Anniversary of the NDC, Hon Bawah said the Party has over the years, shown strength as the only  Ghanaian political party that is completely owned and controlled by the  Ghanaians; with structures in all the nooks and crannies of the country; and where no individual or group of individuals can claim ownership or allowed to appropriate the interest of the generality of the members”.

He said the NDC as a party nurtured and sustained a democratic system of government and a stable polity in Ghana for more than 16 years.

“This did not come by accident, but through the meticulous application, by successive NDC administrations, of policies as enshrined in the party’s ideology and manifesto, which within the ambit of the laws, achieved and sustained success in all sectors of the polity and economy.

“When NDC took office in 1993, it quickly formed government and calmly, but vigorously applied itself to service, initiating reforms, and facing the challenges inherited from past military regimes, without resorting to blames, blackmail and propaganda,” he said.

Hon Bawa said at the time the NDC  came to power, Ghana’s image internationally was in a deplorable state, with very poor development and investment opportunities.

He added that the onus of restoring the nation from its pariah status then rested squarely on the  PNDC/NDC -led government, which, he said, it successfully executed, returning the nation to its pride of place in the comity of nations.

 “We did our best for Ghanaians. In the past 16 years, we gave Ghanaians hope. We created a system where merit was recognised.

“Development of the country and fighting corruption was entirely part of our achievements. We investigated people along with the fundamental rights of the people without propaganda or blackmail,” he said.

He however charged the party and its followers to be ready and prepared in the 2024 elections to police the polling stations and coalition centres to ensure the will of the people is manifested.

He observed that the standard of living of the average Ghanaian has deteriorated seriously with the cedi completely losing its value thereby creating a gaping disparity between income and the goods and services that a person could afford.

According to him, a greater number of Ghanaians are acutely aware their standard of living has deteriorated since  President Akufo Addo-led NPP) government came into office seven years ago.

“Look at the cost of living right now, our inflation is hovering around 28%; our worst in this 4th Republic but the government is trying to blame it on external forces.”

“The Akufo-Addo government should be candid and tell Ghanaians the truth. External forces may have contributed but the economic crisis Ghana is facing now is the result of mismanagement, sheer thievery and corruption that they have brought on us.”

The voters, Mr. Bawah noted, are therefore yearning for the return of the NDC and President John Mahama because they have realized painfully the mistake they did in 2016 when they chopped the tree with the golden pods.

He reiterated the party’s achievements, saying,  NDC has left a solid footprint in the annals of Ghanaian politics, governance and developments since its formation in 1992.

The journey of the NDC, he said, is the result of toil, sacrifices, sweat and blood and as a social democratic party, it embraces all the masses and puts their welfare ahead of anything.

In his considered view, a party that evolved from the PNDC  and its strong military leader, Flt Lieut. Jerry John Rawlings, it is imperative not to only celebrate the party’s 30th anniversary but also important to remember its ideals and what it stands for.

He added that NDC is not and will never be like the NPP and despite all the attempts to bury it, it will rise up once more like the party anthem says, “From victory unto victory, the NDC shall lead.”


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