The Member of Parliament for Tema Central, Hon Yves Nii Noi Hanson-Nortey has called on Ghanaians to be self serious conscious, in the midst of terrorist threats in the country.

According to him, even the security agencies are on top of the situation it behove on Ghanaians to be extra conscious as the suspects have infiltrated in the country.
Hon Hanson-Nortey made a call in a statement delivered on the floor of parliament on Tuesday, June 21,2022.

He said the suspects have devices ways of attacks by first making friendly relations with their pry and later launch the attack, a situation he noted

He spoke to parliamentary Press after the statement (Twi)

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Mr. Speaker, the National Security Strategy of Ghana, launched in 2020, is a response to the changing nature of the security threats to the Country while highlighting contemporary methods of addressing them. The central theme of the Strategy is the usage of a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach grounded in the principles of unity of purpose in combating security threats. In line with this approach, the Ministry of National Security, on May 24, 2022, launched the #seesomethingsaysomething campaign to encourage citizens to report suspicious activities in their communities, particularly those relating to terrorism. Citizens can report such activities to the nearest police station, to the community leaders, and through a call, to the shortcode, “999” or a message to the social media handles Ghana Police Service.
Mr. Speaker, statistics from the 2022 Global Terrorism Index indicate that Sub-Saharan Africa has suffered a staggering 48% of all terrorism-related deaths globally. Most of these casualties come from Niger, Mali, the DRC and our closest neighbour, Burkina Faso. An analysis of the recent thread of terrorist attacks in the sub-region highlights a southward drive to littorals states along the Gulf of Guinea. The most recent of these attacks were in the Republic of Togo, where eight soldiers were killed and thirteen wounded.

Hon Hanson-Nortey

Hitherto, Togo had been spared from the scourge of terrorism. With terrorism hitting close to home, it behoves us to put in place strategies to prevent the spread of this canker into our beloved Country, Ghana. After all, when you see your neighbour’s beard on fire, it is advisable to get water by yours.
It goes without saying that terrorism has dire effects on the political stability as well as the socio-economic development of any country. Mr. Speaker, in Burkina Faso, for instance, the disposition of former President Roch Kabore on January 24, 2022, was allegedly fuelled by his inability to curtail jihadist expansion in the country, particularly after the November 14, 2021, terrorist attack on the Inata Gendarmerie Garrison in northern Burkina Faso that left 53 of the 120 troops dead. After 30 years of peace and democracy in Ghana, it is imperative that we prevent terrorists from eroding gains made in the 4th Republic. The menace would further derail international trade and investment in the Country. There would be no liberty to access basic amenities of life. To epitomize this, Burkina has witnessed the closure of 1000 schools and the internal displacement of 1.5 million people, some of whom have sort refuge in the northern regions of Ghana. Is this what we want for our Country? Certainly not.

Hon Nortey speaks to Journalists in twi

Mr. Speaker, having established the effects terrorism would have on our Nation, what exactly are we to look out for in our efforts to notify security and intelligence agencies of suspicious activities related to terrorism? An analysis of the modus operandi of terrorists seems to point to recruiters targeting young people in person and through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, enticing them with promises of competitive remuneration or a better life in heaven. Consequently, should we see any person or organization mobilizing young people for an unclear agenda or revolving around religious fundamentalism, we must say something for our Security and Intelligence Agencies to monitor and assess the situation. Social media users must also report posts with violence or religious fundamentalist elements, particularly videos showing people brandishing arms, and how to make improvised explosive devices and chemical weapons.
Mr. Speaker, the campaign is laudable and deserves more attention than it currently has. A synopsis of the recent attack on a Texas school by Salvador Ramos shows that he had revealed his sinister plans to a Facebook friend before he executed them. Had this person been conscious of the tell-tale sign of impending doom, she would have said something when she saw the messages. Mr. Speaker, the latest of them all is the deadly massacre on Sunday 5th June 2022 of over a hundred members of a catholic parish at Owo in the Ondo State of Nigeria. We commiserate with the families of the victims and the Nigerian people, with whom we share so many things in common.
Mr. Speaker and members of this honourable House, as stakeholders in our communities, let us conscientise our Constituents about the threat of terrorism, to encourage them to say something when they see something. In so doing, we will be fulfilling our civic responsibility of defending the cause of freedom and rights as espoused in the National Anthem. When you “See something, say sallowing me. Speaker, for giving me the opportunity to make this very important statement.


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