A member of the National Communication team.of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr John Afful has said the party has superior record to show in the national discourse of development after it’s 30 years of formation than any other political party

According to him, only NDC is on record to have achieved a significant number of development project in the country other than any political parry under the Forth Republic political dispensation.

Speaking to EXPRESSNEWSGHANA on the party’s anniversary, Mr Afful who is aspiring for Constituency Chairman for Weija-Gbawe stated that the NDC has left a solid footprint in the annals of Ghanaian politics, governance and developments since its formation in 1992.

Last week, the NDC celebrated its 30th-anniversary highlighting its achievements and what to look for going forward.

Hon John Afful

This, Hon Afful said the journey of the NDC is the result of toil, sacrifices, sweat and blood and as a social democratic party, it embraces all the masses and puts their welfare ahead of anything.

He observed that as a party that evolved from the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) and its strong military leader, Flt Lieut. Jerry John Rawlings, it is imperative not to only celebrate the party’s 30th anniversary but also important to remember its ideals and what it stands for.

The NDC, he added, is not and will never be like the NPP and despite all the attempts to bury it, it will rise up once more like the party anthem says, “From victory unto victory, the NDC shall lead.”

He observed that NDC footprint is in every sector, education, health, security and local governance and that the nation gets development projects whenever the party is in power.

On the 2024 general elections, Mr Afful started that Ghanaians are ready to vote and return the NDC back into power but it up to the party to firm the assurance to them by electing competent and experience leaders to lead the grassroots.

For him, Ghanaian voters want an assurance from the NDC that their ballots would their votes will be protected on voting day to avert all attempts to rig the elections.

He charged the party and its members and sympathizers to be ready and prepared in the 2024 elections to police the polling stations and coalition centres to ensure the will of the people is manifested.

The NDC National Communication team member observed that the standard of living of the average Ghanaian has deteriorated seriously with the cedi completely losing its value thereby creating a gaping disparity between income and the goods and services that a person could afford.

Mr Afful further pointed that a greater number of Ghanaians are acutely aware their standard of living has deteriorated since the New Patriotic Party government came into office seven years ago.

“Look at the cost of living right now, our inflation is hovering around 28%; our worst in this 4th Republic but the government is trying to blame it on external forces.”

“The Akufo-Addo government should be candid and tell Ghanaians the truth. External forces may have contributed but the economic crisis Ghana is facing now is the result of mismanagement, sheer thievery and corruption that they have brought on us,” he said.

Ghanaians, he said, are therefore yearning for the return of the NDC and President John Mahama because they have realized painfully the mistake they did in 2016 when they chopped the tree with the golden pods.

Source: expressnewsghana.com

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