The Member of Parliament for Wenchi, Hon Seidu Haruna has expressed dissatisfaction over government failures to set up any factory under the One District one Factory policy in the Constituency.

According to him, the government has neglected the people of Wenchi, the hometown of the founding fathers of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr Kofi Busia.

Hon Seidu Haruna wanted to know from the Minister when the people.of Wenchi will benefit from the government flagship programme, One District One Factory.

“Mr. Speaker, I rise to ask the Minister for Trade and Industry when the people of Wenchi are going to have their share of
the IDIF program since the area is endowed with cashew nuts are
an abandoned tomatoes factory which are potential factors consideration under the policy.?”, he questioned the Minister.

Hon Seidu Haruna

In response, the sector Minister John Kwadwo Alan Kyeremanten said, the One District One Factory (IDIF) programme is demand driven, “but facilitated and actively supported by Government to assist the private sector to establish manufacturing enterprises in the 260 Districts of the country.”

According to him, so far only two private sector Promoters have confirmed their interest in establishing IDIF projects in the Wenchi Municipality.

The two private players, he said, “are FABS Enterprise which is into maize processing and Owareba Company Limited who are interested in the manufacturing of portland cement.”

He added that the two applicants are going
through the review and approval processes established by the Ministry.

The Minister admitted the government is seeking financial support for the private individuals to cushion their financial muscles.

“Mr Speaker, in addition to the above, the Ministry is seeking for funding to assist private sector promoters to revive the abandoned tomato and cashew processing factories in the Wenchi district,” he told parliament.

But Hon Haruna said he was disappointed in the fact that Wenchi is the least to benefit from the government programme despite the claims that the Constituency isn’t he home of the founding fathers.

He said a factory in Wenchi would bring fortunes to farmers and more revenue to the government, hence the need for IDIF in Wenchi, adding that the problem of youth unemployment would also be reduced.


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