Haiti’s opposition Presidential aspirant, Dr. Prince Nelson Noel on Friday, June 1, 2022, paid a friendly visit to the Deputy Minority Leader of Ghana’s Parliament, Dr. James Klutse Avedzi, describing the visit as “a powerful signal of Africa-Ghana support for Haitis political libration.”

Dr. Noel who is also a youth activist said he is in Ghana to tap the political and good governance experience of Ghanaians, especially politicians to help rebuild Haiti’s political stability after the assassination of the country’s President,Jovenel Moïse in 2021.

The meeting which centered on economic and legislative matters is part of the Haiti young dynamic politician networking in Africa to build his roots and gain economic development for his people.

During the meeting, the Haiti Presidential aspirant spoke about the legislative priorities of the Haitians Senate including, among others, the bid to strengthen the validity of the Haiti parliament to cement modern democracy.

He also shared insights about his advocacy for good governance and promoting meritocracy among government employees.

Dr. Noel expressed his profound gratitude for granting him the opportunity to share his political ambition with him as it would facilitate his presidential strategies to de-escalate the political tensions, in Haiti politics.

He underscored the importance of free and fair Ghana’s elections that are peaceful and reflect the will of the people.

Again, Dr. Noel called on the Minority and Ghanaians to lend their support to the people of Haiti in his campaign bid to become President and form a government to bring law and order and good governance to the country.

He also encouraged Africa to share with him and his movement to bring best practices in political administration to Haiti.

Dr. James Avedzi on his part congratulated the Haiti opposition Presidential aspirant for the foresight and the effort to liberate his people.


He said though he has not paid much attention to the political issues in Haiti, he believed the absence of a reliable and time-tested constitution is affecting the smooth administration of Haiti.

Dr. Avedzi assured Haiti’s young politician of his readiness to support him and the people of Haiti of his personal capacity to help rebuild the country which was described as “an extension of Africa origin.”

He commended Dr. Noel for taking the bold step in the political process to lead his people for both political and economic emancipation and expressed the hope that he would get the funding support to bring every Haiti who matters on board to execute his vision.

DR Nelson Noel,44, an Entrepreneur is aspiring to be elected as President of Haiti and is advocating a new Economy, Known as the ‘Purple Economy’ through his world-class conferences and seminars.

He Founded Multiple Fusion Ltd Located in London, England and The United States and also created Nelson Noel Foundation Inc in the United States, Atlanta and Several other organizations in France.

For his Work in inspiring and framing communities around the World, Nelson has received several International Awards. So Among them is the Nelson Mandela Medal Award.

Prior to his meeting with the Deputy Minority Leader, Dr. Noel had had audiences with some other Ghanaians and political stakeholders in the country and expected to transit to Nigeria and other places to continue his global political consultation.

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