The Member of Parliament for Wulensi in the Northern Region, On Dawuni Abukari has dragged the Minister for Energy to parliament over abandoned rural electricity projects in the Constituency.

According to him, works in over five farming communities electricity project under the Self Help Electricity’ Projects(SHEP) have stalled thereby denying the residents the opportunity to enjoy lights.

He wanted to know from the Minister when the electrification project in the communities would be completed.

Hon Dawuni Abukari

“Mr Speaker, I rise to ask the Minister for Energy when the electrification projects in the following communities in the
Wulensi Constituency would resume and be completed: (i) Sakpe (ii
Gunguni (iii) Kapugu (iv) Bangdiyili (v) Asarfoche,” Hon Joseph Nikpe Bukari, MP for Saboba asked on behalf of Mr Abukari Dawuni, who was not in the chamber at the time the Minister.

In response, a Deputy Minister William Owuraku Aidoo said the Sakpe, Gunguni, Kapugu, Bangdiyili and Asarfoche
communities are part of the Ministry of Energy’s ongoing SHEP-5
Rural Electrification Project in the Nanumba South District of the
Northern Region.

According to the Deputy Minister, a total of 324 High Voltage (HV) poles required for the communities have been supplied.

He added that, most of the required pole-top materials that would help to fire the national gride have also been supplied, with 258 of the supplied poles planted and strung with conductors at Sakpe, Gunguni and Bangdiyili communities

Mr Aidoo explained that additional 30 no. HV poles have also been planted at Kapugu with stringing and dressing ongoing, whereas some poles supplied to Asarfoche community are yet to be planted.

“Mr Speaker, 470 no. Low Voltage (LV) poles required for the project have also been supplied and planted. The requisite pole-top accessories have also been supplied to site,” the Deputy Minister added.

He said conductor stringing at Sakpe, Gunguni, Kapugu and Bangdiyili communities has been completed, while an additionally,transformers have been released to the contractor for installation.

The transformers, he said were released to site in January, 2022, but the delays in the execution of the electrification project in the communities are as a result of the shortage of some key materials/equipment including stay wooden blocks, conductors,
customer service accessories, among others.

He noted that the Ministry is expecting
deliveries of some materials/equipment and would arrange for the release of same for installation works to resume at site.

The Deputy Minister assured that the Ministry is expecting to complete the installation works in the above-mentioned communities by First Quarter, 2023.

But the HonDawuni told EXPRESSNEWSGHANA, the delay in competing the project is affecting rural economy as traders could not sell in the night.
He said currently, residents relied on solar light, lights from neighbouring communities and the old Latens their activities.


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