The Member of Parliament for Chereponi, Hon Abdul-Razak Tahidu has called on government through the Ministry of Energy to expedite action on the Rural Electrification Projects to revive the local economy in his constituency.

According to him, over 182 communities within the Chereponi Constituency do not have access to electricity supply from the National Grid, despite the fact that the area is one of food production hub in the country.

Hon Razak Tahidu made the call when he summoned the Minister for Energy to parliament to explain why some Self Help Electrification Projects (SHEP) have been abandoned.

Hon Abdul Razak Tahidu

“Mr. Speaker I rise to ask the Minister for
Energy when the following communities in the Chereponi Constituency will be connected to the National Grid under SHEP,, the Ando Tombu, Famisah, Bukasu, Bulasu, Akromabilla No.1&2 , Kpenchi, Angor, Nyandiri, Magbani, Konari and Yetili.
He said the power supply project in these communities when completed would help to boost the local economy and as well improve quality education as students would have lights to study home at night.
In his view brisk businesses would soar up as more youth engaged in meaningful self employed trades, especially cold stores, drinking spots and others.
In addition, the MP security situation in constituency would improve and ultimately reduce crime as the lighting at night would discourage criminals who hide in the dark to operate.
In response, a Deputy Minister for Energy, Hon William Owuraku Aidoo on behalf of the Minister said the Ando Tombu, Famisah, Bukasu, Bulasu, Akromabilla No. 1& 2, Kpenchi, Angor, Nyadiri, Magbani, Konari and Yetili communities do not form part of any of the Ministry’s ongoing
electrification programme.

However, engineering survey has been
carried out at Famisah, Akromabilla No. 1 & 2, Kpenchi, Angor, Magbani and Yetili as part of the Ministry’s Last Mile Electrification Survey for consideration for connection to the National Grid.

According to him, the remaining five communities namely, Ando Tombu, Bukasu,Bulasu, Nyandiri and Konari have been noted and will be considered for connection to the national electricity grid in subsequent phases of the electrification programme.

He assured the MP and the good people of Chereponi the government will factor the demands of those communities in the 2023 budget.


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